Fix iPhone stuck on “it may take a few minutes to activate” 

You are likely to encounter the error “it may take a few minutes to activate” when trying to set up your iPhone. That stops you from going further with the operation. Luckily, you will learn how to solve the issue in this guide.

What causes the error?

Before we head to the solutions to the error, it is better to understand what causes it. Below are the possible reasons.

  • The activation server may be down
  • Issues with your carrier
  • Unsupported SIM card
  • iTunes being unable to Verify your iPhone
  • Invalid plan with your wireless carrier.
  • Technical issues with your iPhone.

How to fix “it may take a few minutes to activate” error on iPhone

Try the following fixes one by one until the issue is fixed.

1. Check whether or not the activation sever is down

The activation server could be down due to a high volume of traffic or technical issues. To know the status of the server, head to the Apple System Status page.

If the box on the left of iOS Device Activation isn’t green, it means the server has some issues. You find. In such a case you will just have to wait and try again later.

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2. Remove the SIM card and reinsert it into your iPhone

Issues with your SIM card can also trigger the error. To fix, you should try removing your SIM card then inserting it back into your phone. Below is how to do it.

  • Turn off your iPhone
  • Remove the SIM card using the SIM ejector.
  • Place the SIM card on the SIM tray. Make sure that the SIM tray isn’t loose and closes perfectly
  • Close it.

3. Restart your iPhone

In some cases, it could be the technical issues with your iPhone.  Technical issues are easily solved by restarting.

So, even in such situations, you should restart your iPhone to solve the problem.

4. Ensure your iPhone is not locked to a mobile network

You won’t be able to activate your iPhone if it is locked to a mobile network. To fix the issue, you should unlock it.

You can do this by following the usual process to unlock your device. The procedures vary from one carrier to another.

You may check the procedures for the same from the mobile network’s websites. Contacting your mobile carrier about the can also be of help in fixing the error.

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5. Connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network

Activating an iOS device needs a strong Internet connection. If you are on a sloppy internet connection, you are likely to encounter the error.

To fix it, you should switch to a stable Internet connection and try again.

6. Activate your iPhone via iTunes

You can also use iTunes to fix the problem. Below is how;

  • Launch iTunes or Finder
  • Select your device.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and click on Continue.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the process.

7. Contact your carrier

If all the above don’t work, do not hesitate to contact your carrier carrier for help. Furthermore, even the Apple Support team can be of help.


Hopefully, one of the solutions above will help you out. If you have any question on the same, let us know in the comments section below.