How To Fix iPhone Battery Swelling Problem

The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone tagline described the iPhone 5 during its release. As you know, though, the statement no longer holds true. The iPhone X is with us – the best Apple has ever made. Sorry, I digressed. This blog post will cover the important details about iPhone battery swelling issues.

Causes of iPhone 5 Battery Swelling

Rightfully so, you would want to know what causes the iPhone battery to expand or bulge. Apple uses Lithium-based batteries on iPhones. When gas builds up in those batteries, they start to swell. In essence, a reaction called electrochemical oxidation occurs on the electrolyte that produces the gas in the first place.

Having used your phone for a long time, you might be overcharging it because of less care and caution. Notably, overcharging your battery can lead to oxidation. Faulty parts in your iPhone or an incompatible charger can also cause your iPhone 5’s battery to swell to dangerous levels.

Once you notice your iPhone’s screen has popped out, dispose of the battery. Look for available iPhone 5 battery upgrade options. You wouldn’t want to hold on to a bulging battery that could burst at any time and cause a fire!

Signs of iPhone Battery Expansion/Expanding

Your iPhone’s battery will probably bulge after many months of usage. The first thing you will notice is a drastic drop in usage time. The battery will start to drain out quickly after every full charge.

The screen of the iPhone 5 popping out or detaching from the edges is a certain sign that the battery is swelling. At first, you may need to press the screen along the edges to notice the space between the screen and the phone’s body.

After noticing the battery bulge on your iPhone 5 the first idea is how to stop it from swelling further. Practically, that is not what you will do. I have covered the two main options you can follow to address this battery issue. It is worth noting that later iPhone models like the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 may also have the same problem.

How to Fix Your iPhone 5 Swollen Battery

iPhone 5 battery
Replacing iPhone 5 battery

You have already seen the causes of a battery swell and early signs. Before delving into fixing the problem, let’s note the factors that can affect your iPhone’s battery lifespan.

The age of your phone affects its lifespan. After years of usage, the battery’s capacity will drop, hence the dwindling charge cycle times. In such cases, people start overcharging their batteries, which in turn leads to swelling batteries.

Your phone usage habits also affect the lifespan of the battery. Too many background processes will quickly drain the battery hence the need for frequent recharging. Managing and stopping unnecessary processes and having fewer notifications is the simplest way of making your battery last longer.

If the battery has already swollen the only options are to get a new one through the iPhone 5 battery replacement program or replace it yourself.

The replacement program applies to eligible serial numbers. However, it is still wise to take it to Apple for a check. Otherwise, the other option is to remove the swollen battery and install a new one. The process requires the iPhone battery replacement program

A careful step by step approach when replacing the swollen battery of the iPhone will have you worry less about the safety of the process.

After the Battery Replacement

Your concern after installing the new battery may be whether it is as good as the original. Since confirming the quality of a battery is challenging due to the many factors involved, you will need to monitor its performance.

Charge the new battery to full capacity before using. A short battery life will mean the battery is faulty. Otherwise, the battery should work just fine. Since upgrading to a new iPhone is more expensive than a battery replacement, you can opt for the latter.

Replace the battery after one year to improve your user experience. At the same time, consider installing the latest version of iOS supported by your device for battery optimization updates to help boost the lifespan your iPhone 5 battery.

It is safer to replace a swelling iPhone battery than holding on to it. You will get a free replacement if your phone is still under warranty. For out-of-warranty iPhone 5s, replacement costs will apply.