How To Fix iPhone Camera Not Focusing Problem

iPhones are known for their robust performance, reliability and undeniably stunning photos. The iPhone owes its great photos to the amazing hardware that goes into the camera and the well thought out software that controls how your phone uses that hardware to record the perfect video or take the best shot.

This is why an iPhone camera not focusing is always a great problem. So, what should you do when your iPhone camera doesn’t focus anymore?

iphone camera not focusing

There’s a couple of things you can do to remedy the problem depending on what is actually ailing your iPhone camera. The good thing is they are all easy to do and I have listed them in an increasing order of complexity hence increasing the chances of you finding the iPhone camera not focusing fix without doing too much hard work.

Fixing the iPhone Camera Not Focusing Problem

1. Remove the Case from Your iPhone

Some iPhone cases interfere with your camera’s line of view hence affecting how the camera works. This will make autofocusing harder hence making your photos blurry.

2. Tap the Top Part Rear Part of the Phone

Many people testify that tapping the top part of the phone (the side with the camera lens) severally against your palm solves the problem. This can’t harm your phone and it is a quick easy solution. While at it, wipe clean the camera lens to help improve the autofocusing.

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3. Press and Hold the iPhone Camera Button

Pressing and holding the camera button forces your camera to manually focus on the image. Hold the button until the camera focuses on the image before letting go to take the snap.

4. Lock the Auto Focus

Access the camera settings and use the Auto Focus (AF) and Auto Exposure (AE) lock to partially disable auto focus. To do this, tap on the part of the photo you want to focus on for a couple of seconds. A small yellow AE/AF lock box appears and your phone will stay focused on that part of the photo despite slight iPhone movements.

5. Get Rid of Additional Lenses

Those additional fish eye or focusing lens attached to your iPhone camera might be confusing the camera’s focusing capabilities. Get rid of the lens to see if that solves the problem.

6. Force Close the Camera App

If all the above fixes fail or prove too mundane, trying force closing and restarting the camera app. This is a great solution if you are dealing with a software glitch. To force close the camera:

  • Double tap the home button to show recent apps
  • Swipe left until you find the camera up
  • Swipe up the camera app to close it

Launch the camera app and try taking another photo. Hopefully, your autofocus should be fine now.

7. Restart Your iPhone

If restarting the camera app didn’t solve the problem, perhaps restarting your phone will. This, in most cases, solves most software related glitches that don’t really need an update or software patch to fix.

8. Do an iOS Update

The last thing to do if your iPhone camera can’t focus is installing the latest version of iOS. OS updates always improve device performance and chances are that this will fix your camera glitch.

If the update doesn’t solve your problem, your camera hardware might be faulty. Consult with Apple customer care desk and have a technician look into the issue.