Fix: error 0xe80000a – iTunes could not connect to this iPhone

iTunes error 0xe80000a occurs when iTunes fails to connect to your iPhone or iPad on a Windows PC. When this error occurs, it is normally accompanied by the message “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone an unknown error occurred 0xe80000a.”

Although error 0xe80000a on iPhone is normally a computer-side problem, it can also be caused by a problematic cable or iOS device. The following troubleshooting tips should come handy for fixing the problem.

Note: Before you troubleshoot your device using any of the methods listed here, make sure to disconnect your iPhone from the PC.

Solution #1. Update Windows OS

When you get the message, “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone an unknown error occurred 0xe80000a,” sometimes all you need is a simple update to fix it. This is because the error might be caused by a software incompatibility issue. To update Windows and fix this error, follow these steps:

  • Hit the Windows tab on your PC, type Control Panel and press Enter
  • Click Windows Update (You can also find it under System and Security tab)
  • Click Update and wait for it to find the latest updates
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC and try accessing iTunes

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Solution #2: Disable your antivirus

According to some users, the problem originated from a firewall that is put in place by certain antivirus software. To solve this issue, you can temporarily stop your antivirus or disable it completely.

Afterward, restart iTunes. The iTunes unknown error 0xe80000a should have disappeared this time. However, if it still shows, go to the next step.

Solution #3: Reset the iTunes Lockdown Folder

The Lockdown Folder is a directory location that is generated by iTunes to store certificate UDID data for your iOS device. Without these certificates, you won’t be able to sync your iPhone with your computer.

If you are encountering issues while syncing your iPhone or iPad, resetting this folder can provide a permanent solution. Here’s how to reset the iTunes Lockdown Folder:

  • Disconnect your iOS device from your computer and quit iTunes
  • Hit the Windows + R buttons simultaneously
  • Key in %ProgramData% into the open field then press OK.
  • Double-click on the folder labeled Lockdown on the File Explorer window that shows up.
  • Right-click the folder labeled Lockdown within the Apple directory and click Rename.
  • Rename the folder to Lockdown.old

Note: The main purpose of renaming is that you will have a backup in the event that the new folder doesn’t function as expected.

Finally, relaunch iTunes, connect your iPhone and when prompted to “Trust” click on it. The Lockdown Folder will be created afresh with new security certificates required to link both devices successfully.

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Solution #4: Reinstall iTunes

Still experiencing iTunes error 0xe80000a on windows 10? Some of the folders that are required for it to operate properly may have been corrupted. To change the files and reinstall iTunes, follow these steps:

  • To delete iTunes;
  • Click on iTunes icon on your iPhone
  • Select Uninstall
  • Click ‘OK’ on the confirmation dialog box

If this doesn’t work, uninstall iTunes from your Windows PC too, then reinstall it.

Hopefully, you have managed to fix iTunes unknown error 0xe80000a on your device. If you are still experiencing this issue, get in touch with Apple Support.