How to fix iTunes error 9039 in a few simple steps

Are you experiencing unknown error 9039 on iTunes and you don’t have a single clue how to go about fixing it? Well, don’t give up just yet.

At least not before you try some of the solutions mentioned below.

What causes error 9039 iTunes?

Usually, this error occurs when somebody tries to connect their Airplay gadget to iTunes, or add music to the Apple Music Library, while using a windows or Mac PC. It is an unknown error that doesn’t have a specific reason or solution.

Solutions to error 9039 in iTunes

The first quick fix Apple error 9039 involves clearing your temporary account data by signing out of and back into your iTunes account. You could also reboot your device and see if the error goes away.

If it doesn’t, try out each of the following fixes:

1. Update iTunes to the latest version

This option is very reliable when solving a wide range of error codes. Even though iTunes detects and updates newer versions of application, it is good to check manually if your iTunes is outdated and download the latest version.

  • Open your iTunes and click on help
  • Click check for updates
  • You will be shown if there is an update or not
  • In case there is a new version available, for the instructions to update iTunes and reboot your system once you’re done.

Keep your iTunes updated and you may never have to deal with error 9039.

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2. Remove songs from the music library

Another reason for the iTunes temporary error 9039 could be you’ve exceeded the 25,000 song limit that apple enforces for music purchased outside iTunes. Therefore, check your library and try deleting some of the music added externally. Get the number to under 25,000 and restart iTunes once you are done.

You should note that purchases from iTunes do not affect the 25,000 limit.

3. Connect your device directly to the computer

It is possible that strength of the connection between your device and the computer is causing the error 9039.

Now, to avoid that and ensure the functions of the iTunes store are not affected, try connecting your device directly to the computer.

Once a strong connection has been established, relaunch iTunes to see if the issue has been fixed.

4. Turn off any active security software

Seeing as the security software is tasked with checking for malware and viruses in every file and application, this action can affect the functioning of applications like iTunes.

Hence, this results in messages like, “iTunes there was a temporary problem completing your request”. To be sure, follow these steps:

  • Exit and turn off your iTunes store
  • Open the security software installed on your device
  • Look for the deactivation button and click on it
  • Go back to iTunes and launch the app

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Since error 9039 isn’t triggered by something specific, the solutions are very broad. You might have to try all the above fixes. However, if everything else fails, there is the option of contacting Apple. After all, it is their duty to help out their customers.