How to Fix iTunes Keeps Freezing on Your PC

If iTunes keeps freezing or stops unexpectedly on your Windows PC, you should follow the steps outlined here to solve the issue. These steps work for windows 7, 8, and 10.

Disconnect from the internet

Just like other apps that mostly rely on the internet for data, iTunes downloads lots of things when connected to the internet. And when several programs are downloading data from the internet too, there might be a deadlock which will cause iTunes to freeze. If this is the case, then follow the steps outlined here:

  • Remove your Ethernet adapter from your computer. For laptops that use Wi-Fi, simply turn off Wi-Fi using its keyboard command
  • Wait for about a minute or two
  • Try accessing iTunes once again

In most instances, iTunes will resume normal operations a few seconds are disconnection from the internet. However, if it doesn’t resume after two minutes, then use the methods below.

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Close iTunes from Task Manager

By closing iTunes from the Task Manager, you are ending every instance that might be causing the app to freeze. Here is how to restore your freezing iTunes right from the Task Manager.

  • Open task manager
  • Right click on iTunes
  • Select ‘Go to Details’
  • Find all instances of iTunes
  • Find those that are using the highest resources and terminate them
  • Check if your iTunes works after termination of the instances
  • If it doesn’t, just close all instances of iTunes
  • Restart iTunes once again

Your iTunes should have resumed normal working. If it hasn’t then proceeded to the next method.

Uninstall iTunes

In this method, you are going to uninstall and re-install your iTunes. Your data will remain saved up

  • Go to Apps and Settings on your Windows PC
  • Find iTunes under apps
  • Right-click on it
  • Uninstall the app
  • Restart your computer
  • Go to this link
  • Download the latest version of iTunes and install it
  • Open and log in to your account using your Apple ID.

If your iTunes still freezes immediately you have opened it, then you should the following method.

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Access iTunes from another account

In this method, you can either use your guest account or create another account with administrative rights. Use the following methods to achieve this:

  • Under Settings go to Family & Other people
  • Add an account if no other accounts exist
  • Ensure to add administrative rights to the new account
  • Log off the current account and login using the new account
  • Try opening iTunes from this account

If this method works, you can log into your iTunes and use it to perform any function you would like. You can then switch back to your usual account where it should be working.

New problems keep developing that cause iTunes and other related software to lag or hang. If your iTunes keeps freezing after all of these steps, let us know in the comments below and we’ll work out an alternative solution for your problem.