One AirPod not working? How to fix

AirPods are designed to work well with all Apple’s Bluetooth-supporting devices. One annoying problem is when one or both drop the connection.

Or, when one AirPod is not working with no visible reason. There are several issues that may cause your these devices to start playing only in one ear.

How to fix an AirPod that is working on one ear

Here are some of these issues and how you should resolve the bug.

  1. Pairing problems

The pairing has been one issue affecting these devices resulting in one ear AirPod not working. If you encounter this problem, put them back in the charging case. Wait for about 10- 15 seconds then take them out and put them on your ears.

If this method doesn’t work, try turning your Bluetooth on and off on your tablet or phone. Now, repeat the above process. In most cases, this should solve the issue.

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  1. Computer connections problems

New Macs hardly encounter this problem. But, to maintain a Bluetooth connection can be controversial with old Macs and PCs. The first thing you need to do is return AirPods in their case. Get them out after 10 seconds and put them back in your ears.

If the solution can’t fix the bug unpair and pair your AirPods. This can be done by turning Bluetooth on and off. If you use a Bluetooth mouse on your computer, go to settings > AirPods > Disconnect. Use the same procedure you used to pair these devices to your computer.

  1. Call drops

If calls drop due to the AirPods, try making or receiving calls with one AirPod in your ear. If it doesn’t work, open Settings app and go to Bluetooth section. Locate the ‘i’ icon inside of a circle next to the AirPods entry on the list of the devices. Click on it and select microphone.

Now, set to either right or left ear. Still, you can turn off Automatic Ear Detection in the same section. But this will disable one earbud suitable features. Besides, the procedure will drain down the battery. If the problem persists, try the full reset.

  1. Bad battery

Normally, AirPods should last for about 5-hours on a fresh charge. If you are experiencing shorter battery life, there are few options on how to troubleshoot them.

Ensure that Automatic Ear Detection is on. This will put the them into a low-power mode which is fundamental when not using them. If you have them on and you still getting shorter battery then do a total reset option below.

How to reset airPods

  • Put your AirPods back in the charging case
  • Hold the button on the back of the case for approximately 15 seconds till you see the orange LED flashes.
  • Open the case next to your phone. Wait for the AirPods to reconnect.

If one AirPod is not working for one reason or two, you can troubleshoot using one of the above options. It should work in most cases, but if it doesn’t the Airpods could be having physical damage. Make sure to go to the nearest Apple care center to have them checked out.