Fix ‘problem found with partition map might prevent booting’

A partition map is a layout specific to a storage device. It contains important information in volumes. The information contained includes reasons for generating each partition, source files that were used to create the partitions and global data included in the partition.

The partition map may get damaged due to bad sectors; mostly the boot sector. When the boot sector becomes corrupted, the storage device cannot be mounted correctly with reading and write mode. This may lead to loss of data. The boot sector can be corrupted d by improperly shutting down the system, sudden power surge, among others.

How to fix ‘problem found with the partition map might prevent booting’

Well, now that you have a clue about a partition map, let’s get down to fixing the ‘problem found with partition map might prevent booting.’ But first, you need to carry out data recovery operations for the safety of your data. So that becomes our first step.

1. Safeguard your data

To secure your data you will need to download and install data recovery tools such as iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery, Yodot Mac Data Recovery, etc. These tools are capable of recovering lost partition data, unmountable, unreadable and inaccessible drive data. Be sure to install the data recovery tool compatible with your device.

To use iBoysoft Mac Data recovery tool;

  • Download and install iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery
  • Launch iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery
  • Select the drive with the damaged partition map then click Next.
  • The software will run a scan. From the scanning results, choose those files you need and click Recover to get them back.

To use Yodot Mac Data Recovery

  • Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery
  • Launch Yodot Mac Data Recovery
  • Get into Volumes Recovery mode
  • Select the affected disk from the list
  • Choose Standard scan and click on Scan
  • In File Types view or Data view, mark the files you need to restore
  • Preview the files and save them on a safe location.

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2. Fix the partition and disk separately

The steps are;

  • Boot into recovery mode
  • Click on Disk Utility
  • Select the drive that has the damaged partition map
  • Choose First Aid and Repair Disk
  • Select partitions
  • Click on Repair disk

3. Reformat your internal drive

  • Connect a USB drive with the same capacity as your internal drive
  • Boot into recovery mode
  • Format the external drive as Apple Extended format
  • Go to disk utility
  • Select Partition tab
  • Confirm that the external drive is using GUID partition map. If not, go to options and change the partition map to GUID.
  • Click on Recover, to recover internal partition into external drive.
  • Your device will then boot to the external drive

4. Reformat the internal drive using Disk Utility.

To do so;

  • Click on Disk Utilities
  • Select on the drive
  • Click on Erase tab at the top of the Disk Utility
  • Fill in the relevant information, i.e., name format, scheme
  • Click Erase
  • Reinstall your device on the internal drive
  • Use the external device as the source to copy data during the reboot process.

Data recovery remains an important process in these procedures. The rest of the process will fix your problem, hopefully.