FluidEnabler for iOS: iPhone X experience on every iPhone

FluidEnabler is a Cydia tweak that brings the iPhone X’s user interface, gestures and lock-screen to older iPhones. The iPhone X became wildly popular with iPhone enthusiasts as it re-defined what it meant to be an iPhone, with a re-designed UI and controls, losing the iconic home-button and introducing new features like FaceID.

FluidEnabler brings the interactive bar on the bottom of the screen which replicated the functionality of the now-defunct home button and adds the gesture-based interaction. It also tweaks the lock-screen to replicate that on the iPhone X with the two toggles at the bottom which allows you to activate the LED flash or bring up the Camera. Closing an app in the app drawer is now done by holding down on a thumbnail and pressing the ‘minus’ button, just like on an iPhone X.

A unique feature of FluidEnabler is that the tweak takes a deep dive and alters the hardware to mimic that on the iPhone X. This means that Siri is activated by holding down the power button (which would be the side button on the iPhone X), screenshots are taken with the Side Button + Volume Up key and switching off the phone is now done with the Power Button + Volume down key or pressing the power button five times.

How to download and install FluidEnabler on iOS 12

As of today, the FluidEnabler tweak doesn’t have a repo, and so, Cydia can’t be used to install it. The installation has to be done manually on an Electra Jailbreak. For this reason, we recommend you have some experience in jailbreaking and installing tweaks. Another alternative is checking out ‘Swiper’ another tweak to bring the iPhone X’s UI to older iPhone models.

To proceed with the download and installation of FluidEnabler, follow the steps below. Note that this was tested on an iPhone running Electra 11.3.1 Jailbreak:

  1. Install Substrate and Substitute Compatibility layers.
  2. Then proceed to Install Filza.
  3. Visit this URL to download FluidEnabler: https: //www.dropbox.com/s/9qx16tdxcdi7ogs/FluidEnabler.tar?dl=0. The Github repository is missing, hence why you can’t use Cydia.
  4. Since you have Filza installed, it will ask to open with Filza once the download is done. Proceed to extract the .tar file.
  5. Copy FluidEnabler.dylib and FluidEnabler.plist to /usr/lib/TweakInject
  6. Restart your iPhone and run Electra again.

FluidEnabler is only compatible with iPhones running an iOS version newer than iOS 10.3.3. If you are on an iPhone running a jailbreak on iOS 11 or 12, this is a tweak worth checking out. Its functionality and fluidity is something truly worth checking out by downloading and installing it, hopefully using the steps outlined in this guide.