How to Forget a Wifi Network on Mac

Your Mac will always remember a Wi-Fi network you connect to and try to automatically connect again once that network is within range. While this might be convenient in some cases, it could be a nuisance if you don’t always want to connect to that network.

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This will force you to look for how to forget wifi network on Mac. This is one of the most efficient ways to prevent your computer from automatically joining that network again in future. While you could set some wi-fi network priority if you live in an area with multiple networks, forgetting is the ultimate decision.

Forgetting a Wi-Fi Network on Mac

The ‘forget a network’ option is a bit hidden and could take some looking around especially if you are doing it for the first time.

  • Click on the Wi-Fi menu icon and choose the ‘Open Network Preferences’ options. Alternatively, you can navigate to the ‘Network’ options menu from the Apple Menu and System Preferences
  • Select Wi-Fi on the Network tab’s sidebar and click the advanced button on the bottom right
  • In the advanced menu, navigate to Wi-Fi tab and find the network you want to forget under the ‘Preferred Networks’ list
  • Select the network you want to forget and click the ‘-‘ (minus) button to remove the Wi-Fi network
  • Confirm you want to remove the network to effect the change
  • Click OK finally and choose Apply if you are prompted to before exiting the System Preferences window

Forgetting a network is a great solution if your Mac keeps on connecting to public or open networks that are stronger than your preferred encrypted network. It will also work great if you don’t have an alternative network and you don’t want your computer to choose the alternative or simply when you want your Mac to never join your iPhone HotSpot.