How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone Easily

Apple gadgets such as the iPod, iPad and iPhone are very user-friendly devices and that’s part of the reason they are loved by many people in the world. The iPhone in particular is a very powerful Smartphone that you can use to do almost anything, which sometimes becomes a disadvantage when your device has limited internal memory.

Sometimes the iPhone accumulates lots of unwanted files causing a memory clog which slows your device down. This happens because the devices are very powerful and in order to sustain the user’s needs, it stores data such as cookies and remnants of applications.

You, therefore, need to clean up the cache, the junk and the temporary files causing memory clog on your phone and make it to run faster, execute apps easily, browse the internet easily, and be able to play heavy games.

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How to clean your iPhone storage

In this article, you will learn that removing unwanted files on your iPhone will improve its performance but cleaning your iPhone memory will assist you get more space by removing data you no longer need and help you to focus on the things you regularly do and use.

Back up your files

When you want to clean up your iPhone or iPad, you have to back up files that you may need as you do not want to lose anything useful when cleaning your iPhone. You can use iCloud or other cloud services such as Dropbox or you can back them up on a computer

Cleaning unwanted files directly from iPhone

Clear safari Cache

You can start by clearing safari cache

Step 1: Open settings and at the Account & Passwords option tap safari at the bottom

Step 2: Find and click ‘Clear History and Website Data’

Step 3: Click ‘Clear History and Website Data’

Clear app data

Stored application data can be cleaned using the steps below

Step 1: Open setting then tap on General the iPhone storage. You will see all your apps at the bottom of the screen sorted by amount of storage they occupy

Step 2: Select an app that is takes a lot of storage and take a look at the entry for Documents and Data. If it occupies more than 500MB you should delete and reinstall the app to clear space

Step 3: Choose Delete App and confirm then go to the App Store to re-download the app and this should be a clean install.

Restart your phone

Restarting your iPhone is a good way to free up memory.

Press and hold down the sleep button until “slide to power off” appears on the screen and swipe the power off slider

Wait until the it is fully powered down and press and hold the sleep button again to turn it on

Cleaning unwanted files with PC

Download an iPhone cleaning app if you want to free up more space on your iPhone.

There are many iPhone cleaner apps that can assist to clean your iPhone fast and they are normally downloaded on PC and later you need to iPhone on the PC and let the process get taken care of.

Some of these apps are very effective and very fast when cleaning your iPhone.

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With the above simple method, you can clean up your phone easily. This will leave you with much space that you can use for other purposes. If your have any other issues with your iPhone memory, you can check out our iPhone, iPod, or iPad storage tutorials.