GamePigeon 8-ball Pool cheats and tricks on iPhone

8 Ball is a massively entertaining multiplayer iMessage game from the GamePigeon app that lets you shoot pool with players all over the globe.

The game has a cash and coin-based reward system that lets you upgrade and buy new pool cues, play at higher-stakes tables, and other cosmetic items.

In this guide, we round up various 8-ball pool cheats and tricks for the discerning player to play better and earn more cash and coins.

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Login every day

The game features a ‘Spin and Win’ mini-game that allows you to buy spins that allow you to earn cash, coins, or rare mystery boxes that allow you to build cues piece by piece.

8-ball pool refreshes daily to give you a free spin on the ‘Spin and Win’ lever, so even if you can’t play a full round, opening the app daily is an easy way to gain some precious currency and items.

Choose your table

The game initially starts out with several tables available to play, each with increasingly larger entry fees.

Entry fees increase accordingly with the winning pots at every table, so playing at advanced tables allows you to net a higher amount of in-game currency.

However, it is generally advisable to stick to the Downtown London Pub table until you master the game basics, grow your pot and gain confidence before moving on to Sydney. Practice and hone your skills before moving on to the higher-stakes tables.

Use English

English is the practice of putting a spin onto the cue ball after lining up a shot.

For example, if the cue ball is hit with a right English, so it spins counter-clockwise when it hits the object ball, a clockwise spin is transferred onto the object ball, causing it to be thrown in the direction opposite the spin of the cue ball.

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This tip is handy when lining up tricky shots, such as when the ball you want to sink is dangerously close to the pocket or when you want to set up your cue ball for a follow-up shot.

Tap on the cue ball button on the top right corner of the screen than from here, choose the spot you want to contact the cue ball.

Time your Shots

When it’s your turn to shoot, a little green square envelops your avatar and starts counting down your time. You, therefore, need to line up and take your shots quicker. A handy trick is to tap and drag the pool table surface in front of the cue’s tip, which will move the cue faster.

You can then make precise adjustments afterward by tapping and dragging from the cue’s handle while keeping an eye on that timer.

Extend your aiming lines

This simple cheat is very effective; you only need a small piece of paper, such as a post-t\it note with a straight edge.

Before you upgrade the basic cue, once you line up a shot, very short lines appear to show you in what direction the object ball will roll.

Place the straight edge between the aiming line and the pocket into which you wish to sink the object ball to understand better if your aim is accurate. And remember, keep an eye on that clock.

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Upgrade your cues

Use the few coins you initially earn, buy better cues, and gain an advantage. Upgraded cues have slight advantages that allow you to shoot with more power, improve your cue ball control, extend your aiming lines and increase the time you have to shoot.

Better cues are available to purchase as you progress through the game, some with great benefits.

For the GamePigeon 8-Ball beginner or a player just seeking to gain a leg-up on your competition, hopefully, these 8-Ball Pool Cheats, tips, and tricks will come in handy as you stack up your coins, improve your game, and become an 8-Ball Pool champ.

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