GameSir G5 review: better way to game on your smartphone?

GameSir G5 is a futuristic mobile gaming controller with a touchpad and joystick combined. If you love PUBG games, this device will take your gaming experience to the next level. It comes with a G-Engine, which solves the compatibility of the game. This allows you to play non-negatively gamepad-supported games. All this is possible once you connect to the device using the GameSir World app.

GameSir G5 is capable of supporting smartphones with a 3.5 – 6 inches screen. It has two adjustable angles of 110 degrees and 150 degrees. All operations can be customized with a specific button. So, no need for memorizing combination keys.

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Worrying about game manipulation? This mobile gaming controller does not orchestrate the game’s internal data.  Instead, you can use it through the Happy Chick Emulator on iOS and GameSir World app on Android.

Although it looks like an Xbox gamepad, the G5 is lighter in weight compared to Xbox gamepads. Its bracket is bigger than normal gamepads and allows firm positioning of your iPhone.



Here are some of the features you will get with a GameSir G5:

1. Programmable Buttons

It has 33 function buttons that you can customize for configuration and macros.

2. Full-haptic Trackpad

The trackpad is sensitive and more responsive than the traditional joysticks. As a result, your motion aiming will be precise and on point.

Surrounding the trackpad is the 8-Button layout. It is perfect for playing MOBA games. This permits you to stimulate multi-function hotkeys to work for different moments.

3. Built-in Bracket

The built-in bracket holds your phone firm to stay focused on the game.

Gamesir device


  • Mapping the controller buttons to the touch screen is easy. However, some setup is required to get the mapping functionality to work. If you own an Android phone, you are supposed to install Gamesir World from Gamesir’s official site. After then, you enable USB debugging on your device. Now, connect your phone to the USB port on the controller.
  • The shape and layout of the GameSire controller are simple. It is easier to hold, and you can easily access the extra 12 buttons. The D-pad is accurate and susceptible.
  • This Bluetooth game controller is designed for MOBAs and FPS. These games have many buttons on the screen, and G5 can handle all of that. It allows you to use the button you are comfortable with.
  • The right trackpad can be customized the way you want. You can use the right joystick, which disables the four-face buttons. Still, you can use it as any sequence of the face buttons with the power to resize them. Above all, the trackpad is responsive in either mode or responds to each touch easily.


  • You need some setup to map the controller buttons to the touch screen buttons.
  • When you try it with a game that has built-in support for gamepads, using a trackpad instead of the usual joystick messes up the camera sensitivity and movement of the game.

Should you buy it?

GameSir G5 features a great design that is easy to handle and use. However, its app can be buggy sometimes, and the buttons won’t respond on time. However, there is no denying that it will improve your gaming experience.