How to get rid of calendar viruses on iPhone

An iPhone calendar is a useful tool for setting reminders and events. As an iOS user, you may have experienced spam events and reminders popping up on your calendar. It is an issue that may occur when the user has unintentionally subscribed to a third-party calendar that contains viruses.

The iPhone calendar virus results in notifications from spam events on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, which can be annoying or frustrating. So, what is the iPhone calendar virus and how do you get rid of it.

What are calendar viruses?

The virus in your calendar on your iPhone is similar to a spam email. The only difference is that spam notifications are pushed daily to your iPhone calendar app through a subscribed calendar. You may have accidentally subscribed to this calendar after visiting a suspicious website or clicking a pop-up notification.

Malicious hackers may also hack your email address and they have gained access to your iPhone calendar app. Remember that they are not actual viruses but loads of meaningless spam notifications on your calendar.

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How to remove calendar viruses

The problem with calendar viruses is that they will appear on all your other Apple devices once it turns up on your iPhone calendar. The solution to getting rid of iPhone calendar viruses and preventing them is to delete the calendar virus. Here is how you can do it:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Scroll down the Menu and select Calendar.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Tap on Subscribed Calendars. Check whether there is an unfamiliar subscribed calendar on the list.
  • Tap on the suspicious subscribed calendar. Double-check to ensure you are not deleting the wrong calendar.
  • Select Delete Account at the bottom of the page.
  • Select Delete Account again to confirm that you are removing the subscribed calendar.

How to prevent iPhone calendar viruses

You can avoid the calendar viruses and spam events and reminders by:

  • You should only get calendars from secure websites. Do not visit websites that do not have an HTTPS extension since they may have pop-up ads that contain spam. A secure website has its complete address in the URL bar and its TLS.
  • Use a secure VPN while browsing the internet. They alert you when you visit a dangerous website that may have virus-infected ads and malware.

Final words

It can be frustrating to receive spam events and reminders on your Apple device unknowingly. They may occur because you have accidentally subscribed to a suspicious website or clicked on a corrupted captcha.

Unfortunately, once the calendar virus makes its way into one of your Apple devices, it will appear on any other connected device, whether an iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

You can get rid of the calendar virus on your iPad by deleting the subscribed calendar. You can also prevent further attacks from calendar viruses by using a VPN or antivirus while surfing the internet.

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