How to get unbanned from Airbnb as a guest

You may be banned from Airbnb for several reasons and sometimes for no reason at all. This can be frustrating as you can not access your Airbnb account.

But is there a way to unban yourself? Well, your account may be restored, but that depends on the reason you were banned in the first place. Here, we’ll explain the reasons for getting banned and how to regain your Airbnb account.

Reasons why you have been banned from Airbnb

Like any other website and online platform, Airbnb has strict regulations that, if violated, result in consequences. If the offense is severe, it can lead to the banning of the user account.

It is frustrating to be banned from using Airbnb for known or unknown reasons. So, what may lead to Airbnb banning your user account?

These are some of the reasons that may cause the inconvenience.

1. Criminal history

You may be banned from using Airbnb if you are discovered to have a criminal record or committed a crime.

Airbnb also bans people with past criminal records from creating an account on the app or website.

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2. Identity theft

Your Airbnb account may be hacked, or someone may try stealing your identity to rent an Airbnb.

It is upon Airbnb to initiate a security feature that detects any anomalies and acts immediately by banning your account.

3. Negative reviews from hosts

Airbnb client rating

Your host could rate your stay on the website if you did anything illegal or unpleasing on Airbnb.

Several negative reviews result to lower ratings, and if they significantly drop, you are most likely to be banned from Airbnb.

4. Renting for another person

It is against Airbnb’s guidelines and terms of conduct to book for another person. If you are caught booking for someone else, you will be banned from Airbnb.

Even though Airbnb has verified you as a guest of the Airbnb you’ve booked, it does not have any record of the person you are illegally looking for.

5. Costly damage

If you intentionally caused havoc and expensive damage to a booked Airbnb, the company has no choice but to ban you permanently.

The ban prevents you from causing further damage to hosts or other guests.

6. Racial discrimination

Airbnb’s terms of service clearly state that you cannot discriminate against a host or another guest because of their identity.

If any complaint of racial discrimination is reported, the guest is banned from Airbnb, and their account is deactivated.

Other reasons that may lead to your banning on Airbnb include:

  • Repetitive law-breaking.
  • Circumventing the Airbnb platform to save money will earn you a permanent ban.

How long does Airbnb ban last?

A temporary suspension may be uplifted once its period has elapsed.

On the other hand, a permanent ban lasts for a lifetime and is irreversible.

How to get your Airbnb account unbanned

You should first submit a complaint form or formal review if you’ve been banned as a guest. If your Airbnb guest account is suspended, you can solve the issue by improving your rating and reviews when restored to prevent a permanent ban.

Despite Airbnb having an appeal process, it is not flexible with it. It is easier to overturn a suspension than a ban, especially if it is permanent. Below are alternatives to go about when you get a ban on Airbnb:

  • Stay calm.
  • Submit an appeal form to the Airbnb email detailing your ban and its reason.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your account before submitting the form.
  • Wait for a response from the Airbnb team.

If the ban is concluded to be permanent and no solution is offered, you can try other websites such as, VRBO, Homestay, and Agonda Homes.