How to get your device unbanned on Instagram

Like every other social media app, Instagram has strict guidelines regulating how people use its features.

If you do not abide by the laws and regulations, the repercussions may involve your account being restricted, suspended, or banned. What should you do when you are banned from your Instagram account?

There are several ways to get a banned Instagram account back. But first, let’s check why Instagram may ban your phone.

Reasons your device is banned from Instagram

You may be banned from Instagram because of the following reasons:

  • Buying fake followers and likes for Instagram.
  • Posting explicit or inappropriate content.
  • Using automation tools to like or comment on posts on Instagram.
  • Selling or promoting illegal products or goods.
  • Buying or selling Instagram accounts.
  • Comment repetition. 
  • Using violent, aggressive, or offensive language.

If one or more of these violations are broken, you will likely be given a temporary or permanent ban. You can also be banned if an Instagram user reports you, with or without reason.

With that in mind, we’ll show you how to get your device unbanned on Instagram.

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How long does an IP ban last on Instagram?

The duration of an Instagram ban depends on the misconduct done against Instagram’s Terms of Service. A temporary IP ban can last from a few hours to about 24 or 48 hours. Continuing the same violation may extend your ban and eventually give you a permanent ban.

When your account gets banned, you will receive an email confirmation that also explains the reason behind your ban and how long it will take. Once you are cleared from the ban, remember to follow the community guidelines to prevent you from being banned again.

How do you unban a device on Instagram?

If you have a temporary ban, you can wait until the ban is lifted. It will, however, cost your time and audience, especially if it is a business account. Besides, if you use an automation tool to comment or post, your device will only be unbanned on Instagram if you stop using them.

If you have been permanently banned, you can unban your device by changing the device’s IP address. Every device connected to the internet has a unique IP address used to identify and communicate with each other uniquely.

The IP address is essentially important to social media platforms to identify devices. Your IP address will be blocked by Instagram administrators whenever you violate Instagram’s terms of service. A new account will not solve anything since you are linked to the same blocked IP address. 

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The only solution to getting your device unbanned on Instagram is by changing your IP address. You can do this by trying the following methods:

  • Changing the banned device.
  • Using VPN.
  • Requesting your ISP to change your IP address.

1. Changing the banned device

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If you need your account urgently or are aware that the cause of your temporary ban will not reoccur, you can use a different device to log in to your account. This way, you can use your account while you wait for the ban to be lifted.

However, if you have been banned more than once and wish to use your account with inconvenient interruptions, you should use a permanent solution. The permanent solution, therefore, manifests itself through a VPN, which we shall discuss next.

2. Using VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an app or website that changes your IP address. It can therefore provide you with a new IP address. The only drawback is that you can share one IP address with other users using the same VPN. That means if one person gets banned from Instagram, so will you, and vice versa.

It can also be used to hide your IP address from the internet. You can download reliable VPN apps from the Google play store for Android or Apple Store for iOS devices. We recommend using NordVPN.

3. Requesting your ISP to change your IP address

You can also ask your internet service provider to change your IP address.

It is, however, a one-time solution and cannot be used when you are banned from Instagram more than once.

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4. Using a proxy

Using a proxy is considered the best and long-term solution when you are banned from Instagram. A proxy is an intermediate server similar to VPN that provides multiple IP addresses and allows you to choose or change them. 

The advantage of using a proxy is that you can unblock your Instagram account whenever you are banned. Even if you use an automation tool that will lead you to your account ban, you can easily unblock yourself by changing your IP address and regaining access to your account.

What if you have been wrongfully banned?

If you have been mistakenly or wrongfully banned, you can send an appeal to Instagram support.

What you have to do is log in to your account and follow the instructions on the screen. If there isn’t a disable message, you may be experiencing a login issue. 

Wrapping up

Several reasons may lead to your ban on Instagram, among them sharing inappropriate content, using explicit language, or using automation tools to comment and like posts. In addition, your device’s IP address may be banned if your misconduct against Instagram’s Terms of Service for a few hours or permanently.

To unblock a banned device on Instagram, you can change your IP address using a proxy or VPN or request your service provider to change your IP address. The best and long-term solution is to use a proxy since it provides multiple IP addresses to change if you like it. In addition, you can change your IP address as often as you get banned on Instagram.

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