Access and Manage iPhone or iPad Clipboard with Heapo

Ever wondered how you can access the clipboard on your iPhone and keep track of what you copy and paste? Well. The native iOS clipboard won’t let you do this. It handles all the copy-pasting in the background.

heapo clipboard managerHeapo is the utility app you need to accomplish all this. Heapo lets you view your clipboard history on the Notification Center, letting you scroll through and choose what you want to use.

However, since iOS doesn’t run apps in the background, you’ll have to do some work to ensure that Heapo keeps track of everything you copy.

What Does Heapo Clipboard Manager Do?

Heap leverages the iOS 8 widget feature to present all the text, link,s or images you copy and lets you paste them wherever you want. This is because Heapo is easily available and it syncs data across the Apple platforms, letting you use your clipboard contents from your iPad, for instance, on your iPhone.

How to Use Heapo in Managing Your Clipboard

First, head to the App Store and get the Heapo clipboard manager app. Once you install it, you will first have to enable app widgets.

Pull down your Notification Center, go to the Today view and scroll down till you find the Edit button. Tap on it to see available system widgets. To add a third party widget, tap the green plus button next to the Heapo widget. You might want to run your app once to get the widget working.

Once the widgets are up and running, go and copy something to your clipboard the normal way (tap, hold and use the context menu to copy)

Slide down your Notification Center and you will find your clipboard entry at the very top of your widget. Besides it will be a + symbol.

Tap on the plus to add the new clip to your Heapo database. This is all the manual work you have to do to ensure that your clips all end up in Heapo and are shredded across Wi-Fi to other platforms.

Heapo will let you access the latest three items you copied on your notifications center. Tap on whatever you want to use, and it will populate your iPhone or iPad system keyboard, ready for copy-pasting.

Sharing Clipboard Data from iPhone to Other Devices over Wi-Fi

You can share your Heapo clipboard history to your iPad, your Mac, Windows PC or anything that can run the Chrome browser, thanks to a useful Chrome App.

To do this, you must enable Share via Wi-Fi options in your Heapo’s settings app. This will give you an IP address you can enter on any browser to access the clipboard app.

If using the Chrome extension or other apps, you’ll need the one-time verification code called the ‘cheer code’ and you will have full access to your iPhone or iPad clipboard from another device.

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