How to Connect GoPro to Mac and Import Photos

The GoPro camera enjoys an excellent rating as one of the most innovative audio-video devices in the world today. It offers an array of unique functionalities. The camera has simplified the process of managing your favorite and high-quality files. In particular, you can connect it to your Mac device through various techniques.

You will enjoy many benefits of the smooth transfer of your photos from your camera to your laptop. For instance, you can free up valuable SD card space, save pictures on a secondary file, or edit your photos. However, you need to choose the appropriate technique to achieve this goal. If you have ever wondered how can I get files from my GoPro to my Mac, then consider the following:

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Connect the GoPro SD Card to the Mac

Using this approach to import photos to your computer is the easiest. Eject the SD card from the camera, and then connect it the laptop. The SD card will appear as an external hard drive on the desktop, which makes it simple to transfer footage. The key steps in this approach include:

  1. Power off your camera to access the connect GoPro to Mac USB feature.
  2. Remove the SD card from the camera
  3. Use an SD card reader to connect the SD card to your laptop
  4. Once connected, the SD card will appear on your desktop
  5. Then, click to open the SD card hard drive, and you will come across two files. They are the “DCIM” and the “MISC” folders.

The photos are located within the DCIM folder, which you can easily transfer to your laptop.

Connect the GoPro your Mac using Image Capture

The Image Capture program is a default file sharing application on macOS computers. The Image Capture program makes it simple to import photos to your laptop. Using the app is simple, and you can quickly locate it through the Mac search option. The key steps include:

  1. Using a USB cable, connect the camera to the computer
  2. Then, launch Image Capture from your Mac. Look at the top left window, and you will come across the camera icon. Click on the icon to select the files you would like to import.

Connect the GoPro to Mac using Quik Mac Version

Quik allows you access, edit and view your favorite GoPro photos. The premium application comes with additional features for customizing and storing your photos. The following are the key steps for using the app:

  1. The first step is to download and set up the Quick GoPro app
  2. Then, use a USB to connect the GoPro camera to your Mac
  3. Start the Quik App, and you come across the “import files” option. You can then import the photos using the app to your computer.

NB: If you happen to experience the GoPro not connecting problem, then repeat the above steps.

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Overall, being able to transport your photos from your GoPro to Mac should be a convenient and simple process. There are various approaches through which you can achieve this goal. Connecting the GoPro to your Mac device is simple, and you do not need any special resources or skills. You can use any of the approaches highlighted above.