How To Delete Diagnostics And Usage Data iPhone

Apple routinely collects information and about your iPhone in order to boost its performance and fix bugs. While setting up your iPhone, you are provided with the option to either enable it or turn it off. Unfortunately, all this data is stored on your iPhone where it ends up consuming lots of space and limiting your storage. In this post, I’ll explain in detail what is contained in diagnostics and usage data and how you can manage it. You’ll also learn how to completely delete it to free extra storage.

What is diagnostics and usage data?

Diagnostics and usage data is a log that contains information about an apps behavior while in use. It keeps information such as how the app was used and if it crashed. These analytics doesn’t contain your private information such as user details, the pages you viewed, and websites you visited. Instead, it only collects data on hardware and software usage which can help Apple determine how a certain app behaves on their devices in order to improve its performance.

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How to view Diagnostics and usage on an iPhone

diagnostics and usage data

Follow these steps to view diagnostics and usage data:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Tap Diagnostics and Usage then Diagnostics and Usage Data
  4. You should be able to see all the data your phone has collected inform of logs.

How to clear analytics data from iPhone

To clear this data you will need to sync your iPhone to iTunes by following the steps below::

  1. Open iTunes from your Mac or PC
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB
  3. Sync your device with iTunes. You should be able to see a sync icon just at the notification bar.
  4. The logs should disappear immediately after the sync is done.

If for any reason you do not want to delete the logs by having to sync or are experiencing problems doing so you can try the methods below that do not involve syncing,

Delete diagnostics and usage data iPhone without syncing

You don’t have to sync your iPhone to get rid of diagnostics and data build up. You can just reset it and all diagnostics data should be deleted completely. It won’t even be saved on iCloud. During the reset, toggle the option that opts out of collecting diagnostics data to prevent this log from building up again. Closing open apps when they aren’t in use can also help reduce the amount of data collected as diagnostics and usage data.

In Conclusion

Although according to Apple diagnostics and usage data doesn’t include your personal information, it is my hope that you have managed to free up some space by deleting this data. You can also check out our other tutorials on the iPhone storage.