How To Delete WhatsApp Data on iPhone

WhatsApp can be a very handy tool for instant text and voice message across the world. However, sometimes it accumulates a lot of data on your iPhone that you may want to delete for some reason. Whether it is due to lack of storage space, messages you do not want to see anymore, or content that you just don’t like, in this post, I will show you how to delete WhatsApp data on the iPhone.

How to delete WhatsApp messages on iPhone

  1. Individual Chats

To delete individual or entire group chats, Go to WhatsApp, on the chats tab locate the contact or group you want to clear the chat and then swipe to the left. You should reveal a delete button. Press this to delete the chat.

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  1. Delete all chats

To clear multiple or all chats,

Open WhatsApp, go to the in-app settings and select chats, clear chats, clear all chats in the next page that will show up and all chats should be deleted.

  1. How to delete WhatsApp media on iPhone

Although deleting all conversations will delete media too, you can delete media selectively through these steps;

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the settings tab
  • Click the data and storage and usage option
  • Select storage usage
  • Click the option with your account picture on it
  • You will see videos, documents and voice messages in a list select the option manage below.
  • You will see each of your media listed and the space they occupy on your phone. Select the ones you want to delete by checking the check boxes.
  • Select clear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select clear on the next page too

How to delete WhatsApp data from iCloud

Deleting messages on your phone can get them away though you can recover on a backup. To permanently delete the messages and media you need to remove backups from iCloud by

  1. Turn off automatic backups to iCloud you can access this in settings chat backup automatic backup select off
  2. Go to setting and open iCloud
  3. Go to storage, Manage storage, then select WhatsApp messenger
  4. Click edit then click the Delete all option.

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You’ve now cleared all or selective WhatsApp data from your iPhone if you followed the steps above correctly. If you are still encountering other issues, let us know.