How to find recent downloads on Mac

Most iOS devices like Mac, store downloads by default on a downloads folder. The fact that you are reading this means you can’t actually locate this downloads folder. Don’t worry we got you. To avert this, in future you can re-organize your PC so that you can easily access downloads by simply changing the default location.

What process would you use to locate your recent downloads on Mac?

Most downloads are located in a folder that can be accessed in the finder.

  • Go to the finder application and open it
  • If you haven’t altered your default download storage, your download file should show
  • In case you can’t access the downloads folder, click the finder on the menu bar
  • Select preferences
  • You will get a sidebar option, select it
  • From the list there is a download box, ensure you check it
  • The change in settings should allow you to access your download folder that was hidden.

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Downloads from Safari

Just like other downloads on Mac, by default, your browser downloads are stored in the download folder.

There is an alternative way of getting recent downloads location on mac.

  • Go to Safari address bar
  • Click on the arrow icon
  • A list of recently downloaded and in-progress items(currently incomplete downloads) will be displayed

If by chance you accidentally cleared your downloads in your browser history, you can still access them in your downloads folder.

Downloads in Chrome

  • Just like Safari browser, you can access them on the Chrome menu bar.
  • Go to Chrome menu bar
  • Then select downloads
  • OR
  • Typing Chrome://Downloads on the address bar lists down your downloads.

From Downloads Stack

Download stack, by default, is part of your dock unless you’ve disabled it.

Click on your download stacks

Normally your most recent downloads will show if you have a large number of downloads

In addition to this, there is the Open finder option that re-directs you to the finders folder to access the rest of the downloads.

These are a few tips on how to find recent downloads on Mac that you can use.