How To Get Rid of Cookies on iPhone

When you use your iPhone to browse the internet whether on google chrome or safari, it saves up data about your visit. This data is used to better your experience and save you lots of time entering your username and password or other information in websites you visit frequently. While this might save you on time, a lot of cookies can cause your iPhone to be slow.

What is website data on iPhone?

Website data include browsing history composed of all websites you visit, username and passwords or any account information you give and even credit card or other methods of payment you input to eCommerce websites. Clearing this data frequently can reduce privacy risk and avoid internet virus.

Clearing cookies can also save up on storage especially if you are a heavy browser visiting many websites frequently.

How to get rid of cookies on iPhone

To delete cookies you need to identify your favorite browser which might be either safari or chrome.

How to clear cookies on Safari

For safari go to settings

  • Select safari
  • Scroll down and select clear history and website data (This will also clear your browser history)
  • Select clear history and data

You can also select the option block cookies where you can either select ‘always block,’ ‘allow from the current website only,’ ‘allow from websites I visit’ the default option or ‘always allow’.  With this method, you wouldn’t have to clear cookies from Safari every time.

When using safari you can also select private browsing to prevent pages from requesting and saving cookies to your iPhone.

You can do this by;

  • Open Safari
  • Open the tabs section in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Select private
  • Select done

Any websites you visit while on private browsing will not also be able to identify you or get any information from your phone

Safari history not clearing

If you try to clear and it cannot, probably there are websites that are protected. You will have to open safari and identify the websites and with your login credentials, you can change that then continue with the whole process

Deleting chat history on Chrome

  • Open google chrome
  • Open the options tab at the end of the address bar
  • Select settings
  • Select privacy
  • You can either select clear browsing history, clear cache and site data or clear all option. Select clear all to confirm your action.

Google chrome has another option like the safari’s private browsing known as incognito mode with the same benefits. You can open this in Chrome by clicking new tab then choosing new incognito tab.

In Conclusion

By clearing cookies and website data, your iPhone should have started performing much better. Check out our iPhone and Mac storage tutorials for other methods of improving your iPhone’s performance.