How to get unbanned on Telegram (phone number or groups)

Telegram is a messaging service founded by entrepreneur Pavel Durov. Telegram works like other messaging apps: users can call contacts, send files and stickers and start conversations. However, some users may get banned on Telegram due to breaching.

In some cases, Telegram may ban you from accessing a specific group or all groups. However, in extreme cases, your phone number will be banned, meaning you won’t be able to use your Telegram account.

This article will teach you how to get unbanned on Telegram and other relevant information.

Why your Telegram account may be banned

Telegram tries to ensure the safety of its users. This includes protecting them from advertisements, spam bots, and malicious links.

So, your account can be banned if you do such activity and get noticed. This usually happens when a few users report you.

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After such a ban, you will have to use a new phone number to use Telegram. So, try to avoid the ban.

How to avoid the ban

  • Don’t send out advertisements
  • Avoid sending links to third-party sites.
  • Don’t invite too many users to the channel.

How long does a Telegram ban last?

Telegram bans do not always last forever. Usually, it depends on how serious your violations were.

If you are banned due to a couple of messages, the ban may last for a week or less. If the violations are serious, you can be banned forever, if not for longer.

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How to get rid of the ban

Sometimes you may receive an undeserved ban. To get your phone number or Telegram account unbanned:

  • Open search and find a channel named @spambot.
  • Select this bot and start chatting.
  • To start chatting with a bot, tap on Start.
  • When there are no restrictions on your account, you will be told.
  • If there are some restrictions, the bot will tell you how long they will last.

If the ban is valid, here is what to do.

Wait for its end

This is the easiest way to get rid of the ban. This works only if the ban lasts for a specified period.

So, don’t do anything until that time is over.

Change the phone number

Do this if the ban lasts forever. In addition, it also works if you want to use Telegram before the restriction time is over.

However, it is not convenient.

Contact the Telegram support team

You can write to the Telegram support team to prove your rights.

But, this is meaningless if you were banned due to serious violations. Moderation only works according to the rules.

Send an email to

Sometimes, the algorithms can work automatically and impose a restriction. This can happen when, for example, you send an invitation to numerous contacts.

In that case, you should send an email to In the email, describe the situation and provide evidence.


Those are the ways you can get rid of the ban on Telegram. Use one method depending on your situation.

If you have any questions or a different opinion, let us know in the comments below.

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