How To Hide Alerts on iMessage

By default an iPhone comes with default settings of showing your messages preview and the sender’s name right on the lock screen. In a way that is good for a quick read. But it can be inconveniencing for other people who prefer to maintain their privacy.

If you wish to turn off these notifications, these post is meant for you. It also covers problems you might encounter while hiding alerts on iMessage and their fixes.

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How do you hide alerts on iOS 11?

If you would like to hide the text preview from showing on your lock screen of your iPhone, here is how to do it.

  • Open settings and click on “Notifications.
  • On Notifications, go to “Messages” and click on it. It will then open “Show Preview” with an option of OFF or ON. Slide it to OFF. You have opted out of preview only, but the sender’s name will appear on the lock screen.
  • Exit from the “Settings.” Immediately the changes take effect.

If you would prefer to hide both the sender’s ID and the context of a particular conversation, the procedure is as simple as ABC. You can do it by following the laid down steps.

  • Go to ‘messages’ and launch it by clicking on it.
  • Select any conversation and open it.
  • Can you see the “I” button at the corner on the top-right of your iPhone? Tap it on.
  • Go to the switch at the right-bottom corner and turn it on.
  • Finish the process by tapping ‘done’ at the top-right corner.

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If you would like to hide all conversation, both alerts and the sender’s name from the lock screen, you then need to do the following:

  • Go to settings and select “Notification.”
  • Go to “Messages” and scroll down.
  • Set “OFF” on the Lock Screen view.
  • Click “None” for alert types. You do this when you prefer to hide every alert whether it is SMS, message, iMessage and multimedia message.

Problems while hiding alerts on iMessage

As much as there are ways to hide alerts on iMessage, there are, however, some problems you may encounter while trying to work out iMessages hide alerts:

Hide Alerts iMessages not working

When you face this kind of a problem, you need to reboot your iPhone and repeat the process above.

Hide iMessage alerts feature not working on Apple watch

Your iMessage alerts won’t show up on your iPhone, but they will still show on Apple Watch. There isn’t a proper fix for this yet outside jailbreaking.

I hope the fixes above have helped you hide iMessage alerts and avoid those moments where everybody who is holding your iPhone gets to see all your messages. You can also check out more iMessage tutorials for more fixes to different problems.