How to install Anemone themes on iOS

Jailbreaking might not be as popular now as it was a few years back, mainly due to the continuous patching from Apple, but the art-form is far from defunct. Once in a while, a tweak developer will add support for their existing tweaks, or even create a new one, and some of them are absolute gems; such as the Anemone tweak for iOS we’ll be walking you through in this article.

We will cover everything from loading the tweak, to installing some outstanding anemone themes.

Now seasoned jailbreak users already know of Anemone; an absurdly good theming engine designed with jailbreak users in mind. But for those who do not, the anemone tweak lets you change the look and feel of your iPhone by allowing you to install some really exquisite anemone themes.

What’s even better is the fact that installing the tweak is made relatively easy as well, since it is by default, a mandatory prerequisite for installing themes on iOS 12 and is therefore automatically added when you jailbreak your device using the Electra jailbreak tool.

Installing the Anemone tweak

If, for some reason, the Anemone Tweak isn’t installed when you load your Jailbreak through Electra, follow the simple steps outlined as follows to add the tweak.

The anemone tweak is designed and created by the same team as the Electra Jailbreak tool, which explains why it is the primary theming engine for iOS devices running an Electra jailbreak. However, if it didn’t install, or if you’re not running a jailbreak via the Electra tool, it is included in the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Therefore, just search for Anemone in Cydia and Install it.

With installing the tweak being so straightforward, installing an anemone theme is also relatively easy, but could prove daunting for beginners.

Installing Anemone themes

Simply follow these steps to install anemone themes and embark on the customization journey Anemone opens up for you.

  • Launch Cydia
  • Search for themes, locate one that strikes your fancy and install it.
  • Launch Anemone from the Springboard
  • You will find the theme you downloaded listed among the available themes. Just tap on it and select the components of the theme that you wish to apply to your iPhone.
  • Select Enable, and then tap on Apply of the two resulting panels.

And that’s it! Your theme will be successfully installed.

Further, to set you off on this delightful journey of customization, you might consider checking out some of the free anemone themes listed below.

Anemone Themes worth giving a shot

Here are some of the most impressive anemone themes:

  • Insight

Insight is one of the cuter anemone themes available. What is really impressive about it however is the level of customization, with almost every single available icon undergoing some kind of redesign. It is tastefully and carefully designed, and you should check it out. Get it from the Modmyi repo here:

  • Offwhite

Offwhite is a unique one and a sort of odd-duck in the themes scene, but we think that is precisely why it is worth checking out. This theme adds a linear white gradient on top of the icons, achieving a faded look as an effect. On paper, it might not sound like something you would want to go for but, it is. You will want this theme. Get it from the Packix repo here:

  • Lotus

Lotus is a classic in the jailbreaking community’s theme inventory and with good reason. It features an intriguing and carefully designed set of gradient-filled icons and a capturing added layer of…depth. It is a charismatic theme you will definitely want to consider. You can get it from the equally popular ZodTTD repo here:

  • Classic iOS

This one, the name says it all. If you’re nostalgic for the golden iOS 6 or so days, then this is the theme for you. The Classic iOS theme supports hundreds of icons and goes a step further to modifying the status bar, classic UI sounds, labels, and the respring logo as well. Definitely check it out from the MacCiti repo here:

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide on how to install anemone tweaks on iOS 11 has been helpful. You can leave a comment telling us how you’re loving your new-look iPhone, post a question or just say something nice. Also, check out some of our other guides on tweaks, jailbreak features and tips and general iPhone tips and tricks on the site.