How to Put YouTube Videos on iMovie for iPhone

It is not possible to add YouTube video to iMovie directly. This is because YouTube videos are in a format that is incompatible with iMovie.

YouTube videos are uploaded in MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, FLV, and WebM formats. iMovie does not support WMV, AVI, and WebM videos. Videos in these formats will be grayed out and will not open.

Here’s what to do if you want to add YouTube music to iMovie

Option 1: Use an iMovie Converter

There are so many YouTube to iMovie converters out there. Always take note of the video editing features and ensure you can get the format you want without losing video quality on your preferred converter.

  • Download the YouTube Video

You must first have the video on your computer to add a YouTube video to the iMovie converter. There are many YouTube video downloaders you can use online.

Some of the best sites are KeepVid and 4Kdownload. Alternatively, you can use a screen recorder to get the YouTube video on your computer. Remember that it isn’t advisable to download copyrighted content.

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  • Convert the video

Before importing YouTube videos to iMovie on the iPhone, you must convert them first. Launch your preferred iMovie video converter, import the video, and convert it to a format supported by iMovie. The converted video will be saved on your computer.

  • Get the video to iMovie

The final step on how to add YouTube music to iMovie is to add the video to iMovie. Start iMovie and click File>>Import or click Import Media to import the converted video to iMovie. You can now use the iMovie to edit the video further.

Option 2: Use online converters

The second option on how to import YouTube videos into iMovie on Mac relies on the use of online video converters.

There are so many online converters that will convert your video into various formats in various qualities so that you can easily download the video in a format that iMovie supports. is one of the best sites you can use.

  • Add the YouTube URL

The first step is to copy and paste the URL of your YouTube video to the online YouTube converter. The video will be added to the servers of the online video converter.

  • Download the video

Once the video is on the online converter, you can download it in an iMovie-supported format. MP4 is an ideal format to use. Don’t forget to select a suitable resolution before you click ‘Download.’

  • Add the video to iMovie

Once the video is on your computer, you can add it to iMovie and start editing. You should now be able to import YouTube videos into iMovie on the iPhone using this option.

Even as you learn how to add YouTube music to iMovie, you must be careful with your converter.

Select a converter that has a good reputation. Second, as much as adding music from YouTube to iMovie on the iPhone is easy, you must consider the video’s copyrights before downloading it.