How to remove Google Drive from Mac without deleting files

Some Mac users have an issue to remove GoogleDrive from Mac despite Google instructions on its website. If you have no idea or cannot uninstall Google Drive, read through this post to get answers.

Method One

  • Disconnect your Google Drive account. This will turn off Google Map sync.
  • Click on Google Drive icon on Mac’s menu bar found at the top right corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, select preferences
  • In the Google Drive Preferences window, select “disconnect account”
  • Click on the Google Drive menu and quit Google Drive app.
  • Go to Applications
  • Drag the Google Drive icon to the trash
  • Press command+ Click on trash then select empty trash.
  • If you Google Drive application and folder are still visible in Finder, right click on them.
  • Select Remove from Sidebar from the drop-down menu. Those items you see in the sidebar/under places are nom. This happens when you move Google Drive to trash without emptying it.

Method Two: use Safe Boot to Delete Google Drive for Mac

If you see Google Drive icon in the menu bar, tab on it and choose Preferences. Ensure you uncheck everything for sync. This should stop any background operations.

  • Turn off your Mac
  • Boot it in safe boot
  • Long press the power button until the startup chime sounds
  • After the first sound, press and hold the Shift key
  • Keep pressing until the grey Apple logo appear on your screen
  • Release the Shift key and wait until your Mac boots.
  • The login screen should appear with the words Safe Boot.
  • Continue and login
  • Once in safe boot, drag the Google Drive to Trash.

If you still get an error text and you cannot remove Google Drive from Mac, initiate Activity Monitor.

  • Open finder, the application then utilities.
  • Proceed to Activity Monitor and check if there is anything connected to Google Drive is still running in the background.
  • If there is still some action from Google Drive, select all of them and tap quit.
  • Once you quit, try to drag Google Drive to trash.
  • You should have now uninstalled Google Drive.

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How to Delete Google Drive for Mac without a Third-Party

If you know the tricks, this is easy.

  • Launch the Finder and click applications on the sidebar to access the folder
  • Navigate to Google Drive, (1) right-click on it.
  • Move to trash
  • If reminded, enter your usual admin password to permit this change.

You can also remove Google Drive without deleting files by;

Dragging the app into the trash in dock

Or select the app and choose ‘Move to trash’ from the file menu. In most cases, the trash-to-delete option works for most apps in all macOs/Mac OS X versions.

That way, you have removed Google Drive for Mac from the applications folder. But you can proceed and delete it permanently from the trash bin following the steps below.

  • Right-click the trash icon in the dock
  • Choose empty trash and click empty trash again in the pop-up dialog
  • If you can’t empty the trash, reboot your Mac and try again.

Note that when you empty the trash, the process is irreversible. Everything in the trash will be gone for good. Ensure you remove anything useful.

Uninstall Google Drive via Launchpad

If you installed Google Drive through the Mac App Store, follow this procedure.

  • Open Launchpad
  • Type Google Drive in the search box
  • Long hold on Google Drive with the mouse until the icon starts to wiggle and display an X.
  • Besides, you can press and hold ALT key until all the apps start to jiggle.
  • Click on the X in the left top corner
  • Click on the pop-up dialog

There you have it. Go ahead and remove Google Drive from Mac using any of the above options.