How to remove otterbox from iPhone 7

Otterbox offers adequate protective covering for iPhones and tablets. While its protective abilities are not in question, removing the otterbox can be a nagging and difficult affair.

Unlike other less superior phone protective coverings, which may be easily removed using the fingers, certain otterbox series stubbornly require you to use objects to help unravel the casing.

This article gives a step-by-step guide on how to open an otterbox case. You will need a flat screwdriver or a flat and stiff object like a credit card to help you remove the otterbox.

Method 1 (For commuter series)

  • Go to the top of your iPhone 7 and remove the plastic part.
  • Pull the plastic from the rubber over the phone buttons
  • Next, try and remove the rubber casing using your thumb. Apply force on the corner. This should lift the casing, allowing your fingers to work through it.
  • The next step is working around the ports. Pay special attention to the ports since they are generally thin and are prone to tear. Therefore, this step should be systematic and methodical.

It is as simple as that.

Method 2 (For defender series)

Removal of the snap holster

  • If your phone has any other attachments, remove them first.
  • Granted, there are tension clips in this series of otterbox, and special care and attention should be given to the process.
  • Go to the silicon slipcover.
  • Find an opening

(Peeling off the silicon layer can prove challenging).

  • Start at the camera port because it offers ample space for removal and goes to the charging port and the corners. You can pick either point.
  • Pushing your finger into the gap may prove challenging. Employ a flat screwdriver or old credit card to lift the surface and allow your fingers to go in between the phone and the cover. Exercise patience while doing all these. You can wiggle the screwdriver or card to create this space.
  • Your finger allows you to work through the phone, especially from the corners. Be careful while at it, especially at the port covers that easily tear when unnecessary force is applied. You will come across tension clips on the corners and middle part of the sides of the casing. Luckily enough, these clips can be easily popped open using fingers.
  • Use a screwdriver or credit card to release tension from the clips. They are usually released from the bottom. Lift from the bottom towards the front of the case (Pulling down the clips may break them).

It is important to note that certain clips may be tougher to remove than others; move on to the easy one if faced with this difficulty. Continue removing the clips until the two halves separate. You can release the clips from the top, bottom, and side, and then unhinge the casing to release the phone.

That is it, folks, a systemic guide on how to take off otterbox from iPhone 7.