How to take off a casemate iPhone 7 case

Casemate is reputed to offer stylish protection and casing to your iPhone. Considering there are times you may need to remove your iPhone from its casing, we have written a comprehensive guide on how to accomplish this; while maintaining the integrity of your case.

In general, removal of the casing takes under ten seconds if properly executed. You just need to know how to go about it. Before knowing how to remove the casemate iPhone 7 case, it’s important to examine how the case looks like.

Casemate iPhone case has two layers a rubber bumper that covers the edges of the phone and a plastic casing that is usually on the exterior. These steps should take off your casing.

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How to remove casemate iPhone 7 case

You can use a flat screwdriver or an old credit card to assist you in removing this casing if you don’t have sharp fingers.

  • At first, try to create a separation between the plastic casing and the rubber
  • Use the corners by trying to open up the casing.
  • If this fails, you can then use the sharp stiff objects to lift the casing.
  • Start at the corners or use the camera slot to lift the casing.
  • Work your way to the corner of the phone lifting the case until your thumb can fit in between.
  • Go around the edges of the phone, paying much attention to the slots since they can easily tear.
  • When you get almost halfway removing your case(you can select top and bottom and one side or work either the top and bottom and systematically work on both sides), pull your phone out of the casing.

The final step is removing the rubber casing from your phone.

  • Pull the rubber bumper beginning with the bottom of the phone from the plastic frame
  • Remove the phone from the casing.

There you have it a quick step by step guide on getting the casemate glitter case off