How to transfer photos from iPhone to Chromebook

Owning a digital camera today is no longer a sound investment. Most people prefer to take high-quality photos using their smartphones. The iPhone has made a name for itself for having the best quality camera on the market. But not all iPhone users are Mac users.

So how do you transfer your photos from iPhone to Chromebook? Well, there are two best options you can use.

Transfer directly

The first option is the easiest. You will need to get a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Chromebook. A two-pin charge-only USB cable will not transfer photos from iPhone to Chromebook.

Once you have the right cable, sign in to your Chromebook and plug the USB cable into the laptop and then to your iPhone.

  • When you connect iPhone to Chromebook through USB, the File app will open automatically. If it doesn’t open automatically, click the Launcher > All Apps > Files. Select your iPhone and open the DCIM folder.
  • Click Import and the Chromebook will automatically find the photos that you haven’t saved to Google Drive. In the window that follows, click on the import button on my Chromebook.

Once the files have been backed up, you will see the message ‘Import Done.’ You can also use this method to transfer files from Chromebook to iPhone.

Transfer using Google Drive

This is the second method you can use to transfer files from iPhone to Chromebook. It is ideal if you can’t transfer photos from iPhone to Chromebook directly because you don’t have the laptop with you or you don’t have the right USB cable.

To backup an iPhone to a Chromebook using this method, you need to start by setting up a Google Drive account if you don’t already have one.

  • Go to App store and download Google Drive. Open the app, sign in, and click on the red circle with a plus in the center. Doing so will display several options. Open the possibilities related to photos and click on ‘Upload.’
  • Select ‘upload videos and photos.’ Grant Google Drive permission to open your photos then click ‘Ok’ button to upload. Select the individual photos or albums you want to transfer to Chromebook and upload them.
  • To transfer pictures from iPhone to Chromebook, you will need to download the uploaded photos and videos from Google Drive using your Chromebook. Access to view your uploaded photos. You can add pictures from my phone to my Chromebook individually or download multiple pictures.

Even as you consider storing photos on a Chromebook, you must always remember that this laptop doesn’t have a significant amount of storage space. It is not recommended to store large numbers of videos and photos on it. It is best to store them on Google Drive and perform a Google photo download on the individual images that you need to add to your laptop.

Additionally, to avoid confusion as you transfer photos from iPhone to Chromebook, always put the pictures in labeled folders. Folders are the best things to organize your photos and documents.