How to trust an app on iOS

Trust is established automatically when you download and install an application from the Apple App store. On the other hand, manually downloading applications from the internet and installing them will have you manually establishing the trust for the application before installing and opening them.

The few screens and user interaction that you will be prompted to go through while installing an app on iOS 11 are aimed at protecting your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from having unsecured applications in them.

The very moment you try to open an application that is manually installed, a notification pops up letting you know that the app developer is not trusted on your iOS 11 device. If you dismiss the notification, you will be restricted to open the application.

Follow these steps to authorize your iOS 11 device to use a custom application that is not downloaded from Apple App Store:

  • Tap to install the application on your iOS device. Once it is installed, tap on it and the Untrusted Enterprise Developer message should appear. Tap Cancel.
  • Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
  • Scroll down to Enterprise App and the profile of the developer
  • Tap the name of the developer
  • Confirm your choice on the prompt that appears

After the trust has been established on the iOS 11 device, you can go ahead to installing all the other apps that are under the same app developer and immediately open them. Remember that you need your iOS 11 device should be connected to the internet throughout the process to verify the application developer’s certificate when trust is being established.

In case you are behind a firewall, make a point of configuring it so as to allow connections the Apple’s website. If you are not connected to the internet during the process, the device will display ‘Not Verified’ in all the attempts

The app developer at hand remains trusted to the iOS 11 device until when you will opt to use the Delete Application button in removing all the apps from the developer in your iPad or iPhone.