How to view AMBER alerts on iPhone

AMBER Alert is a new emergency alert released by the United States. Its purpose is to deliver important government alerts on iPhone to its citizens. The AMBER alert notifications may include a missing child or current natural disasters, and they provide you with information regarding the situation.

Many AMBER alert notifications on your iPhones may be unsettling since they do not observe the Do Not Disturb settings. They are all on default on all iPhone versions, but there is a way to view them.

How to enable AMBER alerts on iPhone

In the United States, AMBER alerts are automatically enabled on iPhones and Apple Watch. They provide their citizens with safety protocols to help them cope with emergencies. You can control emergency alerts in four easy steps with an Apple device.

Note that your geographical location also determines whether you receive the AMBER alerts or not. For example, if you are in the area where the missing person was last seen, everyone in that area will receive the AMBER alert on their iPhones. 

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Below are steps on enabling the AMBER alerts on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Notifications.
  • Scroll to the end of the menu and select Government Alerts.
  • Select the option you wish to edit the settings for and turn it on. If you wish to stop the government alerts, turn them off.

Turning on all the options in the settings will get important government notifications like the harsh weather or missing persons.

How to view AMBER alerts on iPhone

When you have enabled the AMBER alerts on your iPhone, you will hear an alarm when a notification is sent to your phone. You can then view it on the iPhone’s notification bar.

For iPhones of version 15.3 and earlier, you can view the AMBER alerts using the following steps:

  • Go to the Phone app.
  • Go to the dialer or keypad.
  • Dial *5005*25371# and press the call button. 

A pop-up message saying Test Alerts Enabled will appear on the screen. Once it does so, you can view AMBER alerts successfully on your iPhone. 

For iPhones of iOS version 15.4 and later, follow the steps below to enable AMBER alerts on your device:

  • Download the Test Alerts profile on your iPhone. When it has completed downloading, tap on Allow. 
  • When choosing the device to operate on, select iPhone.
  • Go to the iPhone’s Settings.
  • Select the Profile Downloaded option. 
  • Tap on Install and follow the instructions until it completes the installation process.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Notification and select Test Alerts. 
  • Enable the Test Alerts. 

Voila! You can now view AMBER alerts on your iPhone after receiving a notification that the test alerts have been enabled.

Current AMBER alerts on iPhone 

Currently, there are five types of AMBER alerts which include:

  • Weather notifications.
  • Notifications from the country or regional government.
  • Missing persons. 

Where are AMBER alerts stored on iPhone?

AMBER alerts are stored in the same location on your iOS device where other cautious notifications are stored. 

If you want to view them on your iPhone, you swipe down the notification drawer from up on your screen. Next, press the bell-shaped icon on the upper-right corner to access the emergency notifications. 

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