How to Use Less Cellular Data with the Spotify App

Debating on Spotify’s dominance in the music streaming space will clearly lead to one conclusion: it is one of the best. Apple Music is probably the other alternative for music lovers on the iOS platform. One of the major concerns that comes with using the app to stream music is the big data bill that might hit you at the end of the month. Thankfully, I will take you through the steps you should use to continue enjoying your music with less cellular data.

Less cellular Data

The steps in this tutorial are easy to follow and mainly revolve around configuring the Spotify app. It is clear that you will not always be in a place with Wi-Fi coverage. As such, you will have to switch to your cellular network to continue streaming your favorite playlist.

Users on the capped data plans will definitely find the following steps helpful.

Using Less Cellular Data While On the Go

Follow these steps if you frequently use cellular network:

Launch Spotify and head over to the Your Library tab

  • Select the Streaming Quality option
  • Set the quality to Automatic
  • Then set the download quality to Extreme
  • Toggle off the Download Using Cellular option

The Settings Explained

The way Spotify works is that it downloads songs for offline listening. As such, setting the download quality to Extreme will serve you best in ensuring you have good quality songs when you leave your Wi-Fi network. Further, the Automatic streaming is necessary to let Spotify choose the quality based on your connection. Keeping the Download Using Cellular option off prompts the app to download songs for offline listening. As such, it will lead to less cellular data usage when you are on the go.

In conclusion, it is now you turn to try out the settings. Let us know if you manage to keep your data usage under your cap.