iBlacklist Call Blocking App for iOS

In your daily life, you may want to avoid talking to certain people for different reasons. For most people, it is always a nagging and persistent ex-lover. Thankfully, iOS users can now avert those nagging and persistent unwanted calls by using the iBlacklist app.

To start with, iBlacklist is a wonder working call blocking app that lets you choose when and from whom you will receive messages and calls. It is wonder working in the sense that it handles everything silently- with no visual and sound effects whatsoever. The following is how you can get your iBlacklist App up and running.

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Installing iBlacklist App

Step 1- Open the Cydia icon on your device and search the iBlacklist app in the search tab. Before you proceed with the downloading process, note you need to ensure that your device has been jailbroken first. If not, jailbreak your device then proceed to enjoy its benefits.

Step 2- Download and install your iBlacklist app. Once the search results re complete, download the latest version of the app then follow the simple on-screen instructions. After the process is complete, restart your phone in order for the changes to take effect.

Step 3- Pay attention, here is the deal. Scroll through your device home screen and find the iBlacklist icon. Tap on it to open the app and access all your current blacklisted numbers and groups. Click “Add new Blacklist” then select import from Address Book and add the entire contact list. Alternatively, you can also select General Blacklist then tap the addition sign in the upper-right hand corner and add individual contacts from your call list, address book or SMS list.

Step 4: Once you have entered the contacts you want blacklisted, switch on to block all incoming calls from those contacts. Note you can also block MMS, SMS and FaceTime communication by switching on the icons beside all these forms of communication.

Step 5: Choose your preferred call to action. With the iBlacklist app, you don’t stop at just blocking your calls. Among the many choices you got, you can choose to accept the call from a blacklisted number, block the call even before your phone rings or return the blacklisted call with a busy signal message. Once you’re finished with the contact, close it and all your changes will take effect.

Thanks to the iBlacklist app for iOS you can rest assured that unwanted calls will pester you no more.