IMessage Games Not Working? Here’s A Fix!

If you love gaming on your iOS device, then iMessage games will definitely interest you. The excitement that comes with being able to challenge your friends is quite a unique experience compared to the usual gaming apps.

Although many gaming apps on iMessage don’t have the best graphics, they will still impress you knowing that you can play with anybody as long as they have iMessage. While the games are interesting, sometimes you may encounter difficulties starting or using iMessage games.

This guide is designed to help you fix any issue you may be experiencing with iMessage games. We have provided an easy-to-follow guide with a step-by-step guide to help you solve any issue you are facing.

How do iMessage games work?

The iMessage App is an instant messaging service or application that comes embedded in apple products such as the iPhone, Mac, iPad and the Apple watch. The application allows you to efficiently share a number of items with your contacts, and these include text messages, sounds, videos and location information.

The application was limited to a basic messaging App until the iOS 10 which came in with some notable upgrades to the iMessage App including the iMessage games.

iMessage games are essentially gaming apps installed within the iMessage application having the unique characteristic of allowing remote users to play a game on iMessage against each other.

In sharp contrast with most mobile games which limit the fun to a man vs machine experience, messaging games bring in a more fascinating human aspect by letting people share the gaming experience through placing different challenges against each other.

How to Get iMessage Games

You can get the iPhone iMessage games in the iOS App store through the iMessage application. Here are the steps you need to take.

  • Go to the iMessage app.
  • Create a new thread.
  • Tap the ”>” button
  • Tap on the icon for App store.
  • Upon opening, the App store will show a number of features which are compatible with the imessage app including stickers, other applications and games. There are a lot of games you can choose from depending on your taste.
  • Upon picking you game, follow the install button that will effectively lead to the installation process of the game.

How to start iMessage And Sending IMessage Games

Here is a quick walk-through of getting started with the gaming app and how to send imessage games to your friends.

  • Go to the iMessage app icon and tap it to open the app.
  • Tap the ”>’ button followed by another tap on the icon for App store.
  • Follow through the square dot icon which will lead you to the recently installed game.
  • Tap on the appropriate game and make the move you want to make. Upon finishing your move, the app sends a message to notify your friend while you are waiting for his/her next move. When your friend makes the move, you will also be notified by a similar message.

How to Uninstall iMessage Games

Perhaps you might want to clear the installed games from the app for a particular reason, here is the procedure.

  • Open the messaging app.
  • Enter a thread.
  • Tap the icon for App.
  • Press and hold on the gaming app you would like to remove until the icon for the app starts wiggling. An ‘X’ icon will appear just above the icon which you then press it to uninstall.

Other iMessage issues and how to fix them

There are different proposed ways of fixing iMessage problems that may sometimes confuse users, but careful analysis reveals similarities in different approaches. All of the approaches involve one or two of the following aspects:

  1. If iMessage apps freeze, then restart your iPhone. Once you’ve restarted, open the app again and it should work.
  2. To update the app, visit the iMessage app store and reinstall it.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you’ve learnt how to use iMessage apps and repair any problems that occur when using this app. You can also try out GamePigeon, which is one of the best iMessage apps right now!