iMessage texts out of order? Here’s the fix

If you’re receiving iMessages that are out of order, this guide will help you fix the issue. This problem surfaces after an update mostly but can also occur during normal use.

What can I do to fix iMessage texts coming out of order?

Most people have been having some questions about how to go about this problem, and it’s sincerely annoying when texts keep on mixing up.

These steps that I’m about to outline will greatly help you and maybe any of your friends who might be experiencing the same issue. Check it out here:

Restart your device

It’s always advisable to restart your phone; in most cases, phone users don’t turn their phones off, but putting it to sleep for some time will help with the mix-up of texts.

Press the button and hold the off/ on until you see the slider, then turn it off.

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Reset the date and time

Even if the date and time are still accurate, just set it. By doing this, go to Settings > Turn Off automatically (under Time and Setting) > then change the time you can put under 1min early> turn on automatically> restart the phone.

Disable iMessage, then enable it

If you switch to any mobile platform, you can do this by going to Settings > Messages > iMessage and turning it off.

Wait for a few seconds, then turn it back on.

Reset your Apple ID

You might have sold or given out your old phone, so changing the old password is always good.

Restart the iPhone

With this, you will not lose your data since you will just restart the iMessage app by double tapping the home button and then swiping to the app to force quit.

Airplane mode

Turn this off and on by going to the settings, then airplane mode

Network settings

An internet connection problem can likely cause the issue. Resetting the network settings may fix the issue; go to Settings>General>Reset> choose Reset Network Settings.

Wi-Fi- this may course the issue so you can turn it off. You can go to Settings>Cellular> and turn off the Wi-Fi assistant.

How to organize iMessage texts

Most people prefer having their own way of organizing text messages on their iPhones; they want an iPhone organizer that gives them more choices than the default iPhone system.

iPhone users have been looking at how to put their messages in order because they don’t like how they appear

  • You can try message groups – which help you to organize your conversations in a more readable manner. It will help add and manage custom groups in the messages app that include and exclude any conversation between you and another person.
  • Disable your iMessage – do this before switching phones because another iPhone will continue delivering messages to your phone. Or, if you are sending texts using normal messages is nice to disable the iMessage
  • Remove your phone number from iCloud – to avoid texts coming in and mixing up.

To ensure this does not happen again, ensure your iMessage is turned on and confirm your iCloud account and receiving addresses are correctly set in the “send and receive” part.

Consider sending iMessage only to the email address of the iMessage recipient instead of their phone number so you can be guaranteed your iMessage has been sent.

You can also reset your ID password so you may not get texts saved in your iCloud to your iMessage.

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