iMobie PhoneRescue Review -Best iOS Data Recovery Software?

Losing important data from your iPhone is heartbreaking.

The good news is that you can recover all your data. Whether it is corrupted or deleted, your data can be restored with the right software. And iMobie PhoneRescue is one of the best data recovery software I have ever used.

To install and use the software, you need a PC or MAC, a USB connection, and your iPhone. You will install the software on the MAC or PC and connect your iPhone via USB.

The main let down with this software is that the free version doesn’t actually recover your lost files. It scans and finds these files but doesn’t retrieve them unless you upgrade to a paid version.

What Can PhoneRescue by iMobie Do for You?

PhoneRescue can do five major tasks:

  • Scan your iPhone for lost multimedia files, contacts, messages, WhatsApp chats, notes, and voice notes, among others.
  • Find iTunes and iCloud backups
  • Preview scanned files before recovery
  • Recover and restore your lost data
  • Repair your iOS device that has an update error or system crash

Is Imobie PhoneRescue Safe?

PhoneRescue has been around for long and has been installed and used in thousands of devices. There are no reported cases of malicious code or phone hijacking. The company behind this software is the same behind AnyTrans, PhoneClean, and MacClean. No issues have been raised about this software too.

During the entire time I used it on Windows PC, my Antivirus didn’t detect anything malicious. This software, therefore, doesn’t have a virus and is 100% safe.

How to Download and Use iMobie Phone Rescue

It is easy to download and use iMobie. Simply visit this link and proceed to download the software. A personal license goes for $49.99.

PhoneRescue isn’t available on the App Store. You can only download it from the developers’ official website. At the time of writing this review, the latest version is v3.4.0. I will update this review frequently to bring awareness to changes in future versions.
The installation process is simple. Just select your preferred language from the listed 5 languages. These are English, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish.
The next window contains tips for using the software. They require you to:

  • Switch your device to airplane mode
  • Prevent apps from running in the background
  • Turn off iTunes or any iTunes alternatives you may have installed
  • Don’t use system cleaning software
  • Connect your iPhone using a stable USB

imobie phonerescue review

If you have followed these instructions, click on I’m Ready to Start.
The next screenshot shows the recovery modes available. You can recover from iOS, iTunes Backup, and iCloud. You can also use PhoneRescue to repair your iOS device, including the iPhone and iPad.

Your device should be detectable for PhoneRescue to work. If it is unable to detect your device, you have to reconnect the USB until it shows.

imobie phonerescue installation steps
As you have noticed from the screenshot, once you select an item the software gives tips for using that feature . On the right side, you will see common scenarios that may require that you use that feature. Make sure to select the right feature based on your issue.

I have reviewed these features in detail below including their benefits.

Recover from iOS Device

This method can be used to recover files that have been deleted from your iOS device. You shouldn’t have performed a massive delete operation after the loss or set up an iCloud backup.

You shouldn’t have tried to sync your iPhone with iTunes too before the data loss. You can only choose this option if your device is still working and can be accessed via PhoneRescue.

If this is your preferred option, ensure your phone is connected and click on the arrow at the bottom right. The app will analyze your device and within a few minutes recover thousands of files. These include contacts, messages, call history, multimedia, voice memos, safari bookmarks, and videos.

The procedure is very quick and exceeded my expectations. However, it is worth noting that the software ‘recovered’ some items that were not deleted from my iPhone. The preview feature makes it easy to avoid restoring what you don’t need in this situation.

Recover from iTunes Backup

Use this method when your device doesn’t work anymore and you have an iTunes backup on your computer. It is also helpful in situations where you lost your data a long time ago and have synced your iOS device with iTunes during this period.

recover itunes imobie

Another scenario where this method can be used is when you want to compare your existing data with the existing iTunes backup. You will recover only the lost files and not everything.

While using this route, you don’t have to connect your iPhone or iPad to PhoneRescue. Note that it is possible to recover your data through Apple’s iTunes backup. However, the iTunes option will delete your existing data and doesn’t have a preview tool. This is what makes PhoneRescue’s version the best for iTunes data recovery.

Recover from iCloud

This option is the best if your device doesn’t work anymore but has been backed up with iCloud. It is suitable in cases where your phone has been affected by a virus or you don’t have an iTunes backup. The device must be running iOS 10 or earlier versions for PC users and iOS 8 or below for Mac users. You will also need an Apple ID to access your iCloud.

imobie recover iCloud

Although signing in with your Apple ID might not seem right to many, iMobie claim to never store your information. Once logged in, you will find a list of all your devices that have iCloud enabled. Each of them will have stored data.

When using this method, I simply got all the files that I get when I sign in at I don’t understand why this option is available since it is just like opening iCloud on the PhoneRescue app. Nothing more!

iOS Repair Tools

The iOS repair tools option is designed to fix your iPhone when it keeps on restarting or has failed to go beyond the Apple logo during startup. It can also fix situations where the screen gets dark and the iPhone cannot start.

imobie repair ios

Clicking on the arrow at the bottom right with your iPhone connected will lead you to the recovery page. Select whether you need the Standard or Advanced mode based on the condition of the iPhone. If your iPhone isn’t damaged, the software shows that it is in a good condition.

How to Recover Your Data Using PhoneRescue

When using the first two methods, you will be directed to a page with recovery options. Here you will find neatly arranged categories to help you recover your deleted photos, notes, and even WhatsApp threads.

Scanning didn’t take long and the files were available for preview. However, not all of them showed content in the preview window.

When you try saving these files, a notification will prompt you to register the product. Copy and paste the serial code license into the pop up window that appears. The software should activate.

Saving files after activation is a breeze -that is if you can find the files you would like to recover. You should also turn off the Find My iPhone app and ensure all the instructions given here are followed. Once you have completed the recovery, remember to turn this feature back on.

imobie data recovering

The software has to reboot your iPhone in order to restore messages and call logs. Don’t unplug it until the process is complete. The WhatsApp recovery feature failed to completely recover some of the messages. The same is applicable happened on texts, calls, and notes.

To avoid duplicates, PhoneRescue doesn’t recover anything that is already on your iPhone or iPad.

The recovery feature isn’t as flawless as I would have wanted it to be. It doesn’t recover all the data. Some of the data too cannot be directly exported to the iPhone. For these, you need to download them on your desktop and transfer to your iPhone through a USB connection.

iMobie PhoneRescue Free Trial

As discussed earlier, the free trial will only work up until when you have previewed your lost files. It doesn’t save the files unless you buy the paid version.

How much does it Cost to Buy PhoneRescue?

There are three different types of licenses that you can buy. Both are lifetime and come with free lifetime support as well as free lifetime updates. The Personal License costs $49.99, Family License goes for $69.99, while the Business License starts from $199. A Personal License can only works on one computer. The Family License works on 5, while the Business License can work on any number of computers.


  • Simple yet intuitive and easy to use
  • Recovers more types of data than many other data recovery software
  • Has an iTunes recovery feature for damaged iPhones
  • 100% safe for use


  • You aren’t assured that it will recover 100% of your data. Some files are recovered better than others.
  • The iCloud feature doesn’t seem to have any meaningful function.
  • The Family License is pretty much expensive considering that data recovery software isn’t something that needs to be installed on every computer. It won’t be used daily either.

Is iMobie PhoneRescue the best Data Recovery Software for iPhone?

Undoubtedly iMobie PhoneRescue is among the best data recovery tools for the iPhone. It may not be 100% efficient when it comes to recovering some types of data, but it recovers many files that other software wouldn’t recover.

PhoneRescue comes with four data recovery modes, 3 of which are very useful. The entire process of recovering data is simple thanks to the software’s intuitive interface. And the customer support is always readily available to answer every query. The only negative is the price, especially for the Family License, which goes for $70.

This is one of the best data recovery software that actually recovers most of the lost data. I recommend PhoneRescue since it is better than most of those inferior software out there that don’t actually do anything.

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