Instagram Location Not Working? How to Fix

Instagram started off as an online community for friends but it has grown to become one of the best platforms for people and businesses to express themselves and grow their brands.

By sharing your photos and those of your products, you are able to keep their followers updated and informed. With features such as being able to add a location when you post on Instagram, people can easily know where to find your business or where you are situated.

If your Instagram location has not been working on your iPhone and this has really affected your businesses or personal posts, you may be wondering could be wrong. It is frustrating when Instagram location is not working and that’s why we have created this guide so as to share some tips that will help you solve this problem.

Enable location access on your phone

One of the reasons why Instagram couldn’t load your location is because you have not allowed the app to use the location services on your phone.

Instagram needs to use the GPS system on your phone to be able to give your exact location and without this permission, locations not showing up will occur when you want to upload a photo on Instagram.

To deal with this issue of no locations found on Instagram, you will have to exit the app and go to your phone’s settings. Go to the section on location services and enable location access for Instagram.

Unlink Facebook from Instagram

If you had recently deactivated your Facebook account, then this could be another reason why Instagram location shows no result on your iPhone.

These two apps are usually linked together and deactivating your Facebook account may make it difficult for IG to add your location when uploading photos.

To deal with the problem of Instagram can’t find your location you need to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram.

Go to your device’s settings and find the linked account section and manually unlink your Facebook account from your Instagram.

Restart your phone

This is another simple solution for how to add a location on Instagram. Before you try any complex measures, restart your phone, launch Instagram and try uploading a photo with a location tag.

A simple phone reset is able to solve most iPhone problems and this could be what is needed to get your IG to add your location when you upload a photo.

Uninstall the app

Using an outdated app could be another reason why Instagram location is not working on your iPhone. Uninstalling the app and getting the latest version of Instagram will, therefore, help you deal with the problem of locations not showing up.

To uninstall the app, hold onto its icon from your home screen until it shakes. Tap the X to uninstall it. Go to the App store and install the latest version of Instagram. Log in and you will now be able to add your location when uploading photos.

It’s frustrating not being able to add your location on Instagram. However, these tips will help you deal with this problem once and for all. Let us know if it worked for you.