How to download and install iNoJB on iOS

Jailbreaking has become very popular among iPhone users. This is because it allows them to download third party apps that are not normally allowed by Apple. There is, however, another option that gives you the same freedom, without you having to jailbreak your iPhone. This method involves installing iNoJB on your iPhone or iPad, and this article explains how to do it on iOS 10.

Installing iNoJB without jailbreaking

  • The first thing is to launch the Safari browser on your iPhone iPad. You have a higher chance of success when you use Safari browser for the installation.
  • You then need to visit the site where you can get iNoJB. A great website for this installation is, since it will support the installation even if your device is not jailbroken.
  • Once in the website, look for the app called iNoJB. Some people may be more familiar with iNoCydia, but it’s the same app that was renamed to iNoJB. Click on the app to install.
  • Click on the ‘get’ button. On the next step, sign in to iNoJB website if you have an account. If not, you need to create one/sign up and login to enable you to download.
  • After you have logged in, accept to install the app on your device. iNoJB will be installed on your device and added to your home screen.
  • Before you can open the app, you need to make some changes on your device so that it can accept to open. Go to Settings>General>Profiles>Trust the developer of the app. You will then be able to open the app and make changes on your device.
  • The final stage is actually using your new app. You can open it and use it to download any free app from third parties without jailbreak.

Let us know if you managed to install iNoJB on your iPhone and downloaded apps for free.