iOS 11 WhatsApp Issues and Problems

A new software version always aims to introduce new exciting features and fix problems in the current version. Unfortunately, that is not case in many cases. That unfortunate scenario is the one that has befell Apple in releasing iOS 11. The new iOS has bug and one in particular that affects WhatsApp notifications.

Whatsapp Problems After iOS 11 Update

You might have encountered the following WhatsApp issues after updating to iOS 11 on your iPhone 7, 8, or X. However, you could still face these issues when running on a previous version of iOS.

  • No notifications after your force quit WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp keeps crashing
  • WhatsApp failed to verify your phone number
  • WhatsApp stuck on loading screen
  • Unable to connect to WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp failing to send or receive messages
  • Unable to download images or photos
  • Contacts not showing up

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Causes of WhatsApp Issues on iPhone

Since updating to iOS 11, many iPhone and iPad users have experienced the notification problem on WhatsApp. You no longer receive new notifications after closing the app. The new notifications only pop up after opening WhatsApp. The problem is likely to be a bug in iOS 11 affecting Apple push notifications.

Many reasons can lead to the cause for frequent crashing of WhatsApp when you open it. It can be because of limited space on whatsApp after your iOS 11 update or a problem with your devices.

The “SMS verification failed” error on WhatsApp can be a pain the neck. One of the causes of this problem is installing a modded version of WhatsApp.

Limited network and low space on your iPhone could be cause for WhatsApp stuck on loading screen.

If you get a prompt that you are unable to connect to WhatsApp, the reason could be a weak or no internet connection. WhatsApp services being temporarily unavailable can also cause this issue.

The top reason for failing to send or receive messages on WhatsApp is a bad internet connection. Incomplete telephone number verification or the recipient blocking you can lead to this problem.

iOS 11 Update and Solutions to WhatsApp Issues

The problems and causes listed above should give you an insight into why your WhatsApp is not working. The you might ask, “How do I fix my WhatsApp?” or “What should I do if WhatsApp is not working?”

Some of the measures you should take to solve the above WhatsApp issues are general while others are specific.

The issues of no WhatsApp notifications on iOS 11 and not receiving WhatsApp messages unless you open the app have been reported to be due to a bug in iOS 11. WhatsApp is working on a workaround and you need to update to the latest version of WhatsApp to fix the problem.

Using a strong internet connection will also help in avoiding the many WhatsApp issues listed above. You can also force WhatsApp to close then restart it. If these two approaches do not solve your problem, go ahead and reinstall the app.

Add Custom Text Tones on iPhone for WhatsApp

While trying the above solutions to fix the notification problem affecting the chatting app, you may want to know how to add and use custom text/message tones. Be it on iOS 11 or older versions, the steps are essentially the same.

You need an M4R audio file that is about 3 seconds. Afterward, copy the tone to iTunes on your mac and sync with your iPhone. Use the appropriate application to convert MP3 to M4R.

Go to the Settings app and choose Sound. Scroll down to Text tone then locate your custom M4R audio to make it the new text or notification tone.

Have you updated to iOS 11 and faced problems with WhatsApp notifications? Try the solutions highlighted and let us know.