iOSEmus Download Guide for iOS

Have you just upgraded to the latest iOS version and are looking to reinstall a working version of iOSEmus or have you just heard of the app and are looking for a way to install it? Well, iOSEmus will help you download hundreds of quality applications and games for free.

Why choose iOSEmus for iOS?

Unlike many app stores that have since stopped working, iOSEmus continues to provide users with quality applications for basically any function you would like. Whether you need games, browsers, or productivity tools, iOSEmus has it all. Not only does this store offer apps, you can also download emulators too.

iOSEmus was created as a web-based app with an aim to allow iPhone users to download apps and install them on their iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. While jailbreaking has been helpful in recent years, many of the reasons that led people to jailbreak iOS devices have been fixed by Apple. This is why many iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users are searching for apps that require installation without jailbreak. iOSEmus provides a huge platform with many apps of this nature.

You may be wondering why these apps aren’t in AppStore instead. Well, Apple has restrictions when it comes to apps that should be featured in its App Store. Many of these apps will not be allowed for the same reasons that make you like them. This includes movie and song download apps.

How to download iOSEmus to your iOS

  • Open Safari browser
  • Enter the search bar and click to search (if you are viewing this page on safari, just click on the link)
  • Select the second icon
  • Tap to install. If another install button shows up, tap it
  • Ignore the profile is not signed up warning
  • Tap on install
  • Go to your homescreen and tap the app icon to open

In these few simple steps, you have now downloaded and installed iOSEmus for your iPhone 6, 7, 8, or iPhone X. I will show you how to use the app below:

How to use iOSEmus

  • Open the app
  • Use the search bar to find your preferred app
  • Tap to install
  • Wait for it to complete and open
  • You may be required to manually trust the manufacturer in the settings app if this app doesn’t open.

Common issues that occur when using iOSEmus

When downloading iOSEmus or using the app, you may have come across difficulties that make it impossible to download your favorite apps and emulators. The most common is when an app doesn’t download no matter how many times you try.

When this occurs, simply visit this site to download that particular app in .ipa version. You should now install it as an .ipa file. If you don’t know how this can be done, then check out this post.

Remember to leave your comments or suggestions regarding the iOS Emus app for iOS 11 and 10 below.

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