iPad or iPhone Activation Server Cannot Be Reached? The Fix

Why is it that when you try activating your iPhone you are getting a message: your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached? If you are encountering this error but you don’t know what causes it and how to solve it, here is your quick guide.

What causes the iPhone activation server error?

Whenever you see this error, it usually means that:

  • The server checking your device’s activation is either down – Such a situation occurs when there is an iPhone or iPad launch and every new user is trying to activate their devices at the same time. It can also be due to unavailability of the Apple servers when they are down or under maintenance.
  • Your SIM card is unsupported that is it isn’t an iPhone carrier – This is due to the fact that your SIM card is not supported by your iPhone or iPad. This can be solved by using iTunes which we will look at. This is the most effective iPhone activation server hack. You can also activate your iPhone without a SIM card.
  • You’ve updated to the latest iOS beta version – Updating is really beneficial but apparently many users usually experience problems after updating. This could be one of the issues.
  • The activation could not be completed – This may be due to your iPhone/ iPad’s internet connection. Here you troubleshoot to find out the main cause of the bug. 

Well, if you are facing activation server is temporarily unavailable, then here are some fixes for you to try out.

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How to fix the iPhone activation server cannot be reached issue

Retry after some time

If you see a message, ’Cannot activate because activation server is temporarily not available’, it is advisable that you wait because the Apple servers might be busy. This happens when the Apple systems are overloaded. If it did not work the first time then keep trying again after a few minutes.

Restart your Device

If your device shows the activation server is temporarily unavailable error then press the Sleep button simultaneously with the Home button/ Volume Down. For iPhone 7 and newer devices, press and hold that combination for 10 seconds or more until your phone will show the Apple logo.

Network Issue

Some gs.apple.com ports may be blocked on the Wi-Fi connection you are using. Change to another connection and see whether the problem was fixed. If it is, then the issue is with your Wi-Fi connection.

Lock/ Unlock SIM Status

If you use a SIM card from a different carrier than what your iPhone is registered to, then your device won’t work. You have to unlock your iPhone/ iPad first before using a different SIM card. You should switch to right SIM card and call your carrier to activate your iPhone and SIM card. He or she should guide you on how to do so within a short time.

Activate Via iTunes

Try activating using iTunes using the following path:

Reboot your iPhone > Connect your phone with iTunes > Select your device and you can see “Activate your iPhone” on iTunes > Enter your Apple ID and password > Click on Continue to activate your iPhone/ iPad.

Activate Your iPhone Via iCloud

Follow the following steps:

  • Go offline with your device then turn it off
  • Sign in to iCloud
  • Open Find My iPhone
  • Choose ‘All Devices then choose your device’
  • Choose the ’Remove from Account’ option
  • Activate your iPad/ iPhone device

Contact Your Carrier

If all of these options fail, then just contact your carrier or Apple support team to assist with your issue. It could be a hardware error and your iPhone/ iPad could even be replaced.

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You’ve activated your iPhone…

Now that you’ve managed to activate your iPhone, you can use in many ways. There are tutorials on this site covering everything from games to accessories you can pair with it. Make sure to check them out.