iPad Smart Cover Keyboard Not Working Fix

iPad smart cover keyboard is the perfect peripheral when typing into your iPad. However, your keyboard may at times misbehave. These problems may be as a result of either problem with software or hardware.

Software problems are usually easy to solve as opposed to hardware issues that may require spares. The article will cover both in a bid to solve your keyboard problems especially if you have got iPad pro keyboard not connected message.

Why is my iPad smart cover keyboard not working?

The first obvious cause of your problem can be attributed to hardware. This may be as a result of your keyboard connector pins or smart connector being either covered by dust or being mechanically compromised.

First, try to physically disconnect the keyboard before reconnecting to confirm if your problems are not caused by a faulty connection. If this doesn’t work, try dusting your keyboard and smart connector. After blowing try reconnecting.

If these two don’t work then inspect the hardware elements which may have been tampered with due to a fall or breakage.

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Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity may be the cause of the malfunction. In many Apple forums, users claim that poor connectivity contributes to iPad Pro’s inability to recognize the smart keyboard.

Solving this problem based on this complication requires you to check your Wi-Fi connectivity. In case of no connectivity, troubleshoots your internet settings which automatically fixes the connection. If background applications, downloads or updates are contributing to this slowdown, ensure you shut the unnecessary processes or temporary halt them.

Restart your iPad

Restarts have the benefit of shutting down applications or processes that may be hindering the recognition of your smart keyboard. You should use this option if you still get iPad pro smart keyboard not detected message despite executing the earlier mentioned remedies.

The process is simple. Press the home button with volume up or down simultaneously for ten seconds until the Apple logo shows.

Reset all settings

If a restart doesn’t help, you might consider resetting all your iPad settings. The process is fairly simple. A complete reset usually functions to remove bugs in your settings. Most of the time, these bugs block connectivity and recognition of your smart keyboard.

This is how to go about it

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Tap on “General”
  • Scroll down to “Reset”
  • From the options select “Reset all Settings”
  • Click okay and wait for your iPad to reset everything back to it factory settings

This should remove any bugs hence improve “recognizability” of your smart keyboard.

Restore using iTunes

After factory reset, you can choose to restore your iPad using iTunes.

  • Connect your iPad to a computer
  • Go to iTunes and select the iPad.
  • From the options click “Restore iPad”

Reset iMessage

Apart from the drastic moves to discover your smart keyboard, you can opt to reset your iMessage.

The process is fairly simple

  • Go to settings
  • Select message
  • Toggle iMessage off
  • Wait for five minutes
  • Toggle iMessage back on

Third-party Apps

There are various third-party applications that boast aiding in solving your smart keyboard woes. While Apple expressly pronounces itself against the use of third party applications you can exercise your discretion in using one.

It is advisable if your iPad pro smart keyboard not working after all these interventions to contact Apple or their various Service centers to check your iPad.