How to Use Your iPhone as an Apple TV Remote

While the latest Apple TV remote is definitely the best that has ever been produced, many people find it difficult to use. I, for instance, find it hard and time-wasting to type using the Apple TV remote. If you are like me, then you need to make that shift to start using your iPhone as a remote for Apple TV.

To do this, you have to download the Remote app for Apple TV from the App Store. It is best to use the latest version since the bugs that existed in the previous version have all been fixed. Once installed you can use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to control your Apple TV. There is also a way to control your Apple TV directly from the Control Center and I will share the method in this post too.

How to pair Apple TV Remote app with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

  • Download the latest version of Apple TV software
  • Download the latest version of Apple TV Remote app from App Store and install it in your iOS 11 device of choice
  • Open the app on your iOS 11 device
  • Tap Add Apple TV
  • Tap on your Apple TV (Make sure it is on the same network as your device)
  • Wait for a four-digit code to show on your Apple TV
  • Enter the code on the screen that appears on your iOS device
  • Wait for it to pair up and start using the app

If you have upgraded to iOS 11, then use the following method to turn your iPhone into your Apple TV remote.

How to set up Apple TV Remote in the iOS 11 Control Center

Before you attempt this method, make sure to update your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to iOS 11. Once updated, follow these steps to connect your Apple TV to your iOS device through the control center:

  • Open Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls
  • Tap the Add icon just next to the Apple TV Remote
  • Swipe from bottom to up on your screen to open Control Center
  • Tap on your Apple TV
  • Wait for a code to appear on your Apple TV
  • Enter a 4-digit password that appears on your Apple TV
  • Wait for the devices to pair

Once the devices have paired, you can now control your Apple TV right from your iPhone. Not only will typing become easier, you will also enjoy newer features introduced for iOS 11 right on TV.

Common problems when connecting the iPhone to Apple TV

There are a couple of issues that people face when connecting the Apple TV to the iPhone. Both of them can be solved easily by following the instructions provided here:

  • If you cannot see the Remote icon on your iOS device, then the two devices aren’t connected to the same network. Make sure to connect them before you try again.
  • Ensure that you are using these methods on Apple TV or Apple TV 4K
  • Always upgrade to the latest version of tvOS or iOS to avoid interferences caused by bugs. Apple always gives more priority to the latest versions of iOS and you can expect them to provide a better connection and user experience.

You should now be able to use your iPhone, iPod Touch, or even iPad to control your Apple TV and Apple TV 4K remotely using iOS Remote app. You can also use this app to control your iTunes library remotely. You should check out this guide on how to access your iPhone from a computer too. If you encounter any further problems, leave a comment here and I’ll try as much as possible to help.