That iPhone Fan Might Not be a Good Idea After All

It’s normal for the iPhone to heat up slightly when watching a long movie or if you push it a little bit too hard when playing a graphics-intensive game. It follows that buying an iPhone fan or a mini fan for iPhone would be a good way to keep your iPhone or iPad cool.

You can get an iPhone fan for as low as $1 on Amazon or eBay. That sounds like a great bargain for something that latches onto your iPhone’s charging port and uses your battery power to run and keep everything cool.

This is not the case.

Using an iPhone fan to cool yourself down during those long hot summers is just out of question. You put your precious phone at risk, and the tiny breeze you get is not worth it.

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Even though the charging port of an iPhone that is OTG compatible might deliver some current, it is designed to deliver minimum power to drive USB storage devices and not continuously run a fan.

turn iphone to fan spoil it

Your iPhone fan attachment might work for a day or two, but that’s it. The problems will start trickling in.

  • The iPhone fan destroys the phone by tempering with the charging system such that your phone won’t charge unless you have its services
  • If you’re lucky to get a decent fan that draws acceptable current, you will strain your iPhone 8 or iPhone 5 battery and will start experiencing a shorter battery life

Does Your iPhone Need a Fan Attachment?

The plain simple answer is no. The fans are useless. Apple is known for designing amazing devices. Even if your iPhone heats up, the temperatures are within acceptable limits, and the phone will probably shut down to self-protect itself before it goes up in flames.

Don’t destroy your iPhone with that fancy mini iPhone fan it doesn’t need. The best you can do is keep your phone naturally aerated when using it heavily.

When watching a movie, prop it against some support that lets it breathe, perhaps a book. Don’t lay it flat on the bed or prop it against a pillow. If you don’t have an iPhone holder but a selfie stick, you can clasp it onto the selfie stick and use other means to keep the stick stable, stabilizing the phone.

Avoid palming the phone if you are playing a game or making long calls. Hold it along the edges so you can leave the base and sections of the screen free to breathe and cool down naturally.

Otherwise, you will not only end up with an iPhone fan attachment not working, but you could also destroy your iPhone in the process.