What color are iPhone messages when you’re blocked?

Do you suspect that someone blocked your number on your iPhone? Well, you could be right or just paranoid. We want to help you know for sure. How? By discussing simple changes in iMessages and other applications to watch out for.

For instance, will iMessage show blue if blocked? Or will iMessage show “delivered” if you are blocked?

What happens to a blocked message on iPhone?

When you send a message on iMessage, there are a few things that could signify if the recipient has blocked you, or they are out of service range, unavailable, or have activated Do Not Disturb.

1. iMessage delivery notification

For every iMessage you send, you are supposed to get a “Delivered” notification below the message. This shows the person has received your message.

It could be followed by a “Read” notification when the recipient opens up the message—but they must have turned on the “Read Receipts” option.

If you don’t get the “Delivered” notification and the recipient hasn’t turned their iPhone off, isn’t out of service, or disconnected from Wi-Fi, chances are they’ve blocked you. Wait a couple of hours or a day and text them again to be sure.

2. iMessage bubble color

iMessage bubble color

When it comes to the iMessage bubble color, the one question that comes to mind for most iPhone users is, “does iMessage turn green when blocked?”

This depends on a few factors. To start with, iMessages usually appear in blue text bubbles. But, when it’s unavailable because the recipient has turned their iMessage off, doesn’t have cellular data, or has blocked your number, you’ll get an iMessage Not Delivered error.

In this case, your iPhone will try to send the messages using your cellular plan (if you’ve enabled SMS text). The blue text bubble will be replaced with normal iPhone messages that are green in color.

If you send the message as an SMS text and don’t get a delivery confirmation then you could be blocked.

3. “Read receipts” and “hide alerts” toggles

Can you know if someone has blocked you without texting them? Yes, by checking the “read receipts” and “hide alerts” toggles.

Go to messages and open the message thread of the person you suspect has blocked you. Click on their name and you’ll see “send read receipts” and “hide alerts” toggles in the middle of the screen. But, if they’ve blocked your number the two toggles won’t be there.

4. Call the person

Lastly, you can also confirm if somebody has blocked you by calling them directly since you can’t block texts on your iPhone without blocking calls.

You will either hear no ring or one ring before being informed that the recipient is unavailable. You could then be diverted to voicemail if the recipient has activated that service.

If you hear two or more rings the rest assured that your number hasn’t been clocked by the recipient.

NOTE: You can leave a message for the recipient if they’ve blocked you but they won’t receive a notification of the message.


Since Apple doesn’t have one definite way to determine if a number has been blocked by a recipient, you should try all the tips mentioned above to be sure. iPhone messages color alone isn’t sufficient to tell whether you are blocked or not.

Then, if you still want to contact the recipient, you can hide your caller ID by pressing “*67” before their number or go to “Settings” then “Phone” and toggle off the “Show caller ID” button. Ideally, you could just leave them alone and move on.