How to Tell if Your iPhone Motherboard is Damaged

If you are experiencing some problems with your iPhone perhaps you dropped or damaged it, you need to consider motherboard repair.

But how to tell if the iPhone motherboard is damaged is the challenging thing to most iPhone users. Nonetheless, look for these signs to tell an iPhone dead motherboard.

  • If your iPhone isn’t responding to commands: The majority of users mistake this to their phones being slow. Still, they assume the problem might be with Apple. But a slow responding phone can be a sign that your iPhone motherboard is dead.
  • If you charge your iPhone and it doesn’t turn on: This could be another sign to tell if iPhone logic board is fried. It’s frustrating to charge a phone and it still gives you a black screen.
  • iPhone isn’t working correctly and has a crack in your screen: A crack on your iPhone screen can damage the motherboard the same way water can damage the motherboard. You should look into an iPhone motherboard repair cost if your device is glitching after you drop it.

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What causes iPhone motherboard failure?

If your motherboard is damaged, you can’t even boot your iPhone. In some cases, your device might work fine but it will get discharged very fast with overheat.

Motherboard failure is caused by the following:

  • Physical damage/hard drops

Too many hard drops cause severe damage to internal parts.  The main effect will be the motherboard due to pressure. As a result, the internal circuits on the motherboard may break causing severe damage.

  • Water/liquids damage

Moisture cause damage to the iPhone since the moisture drops enters the circuit band. If your iPhone is unprotected, it has high chances of getting damaged due to moisture. Once the moisture reaches the circuit board, it causes hairline cracks in the board.

Avoid using your iPhone when your hands are wet. Take your water damaged handset to a service center immediately to prevent further damage to the motherboard.

  • Too much dust in the system

Dust, like heat, can cause iPhone motherboard fried. This will shorten the component lifespan and the motherboard.

  • Heavy gameplay

Playing heavy games on low-end tend to overheat hence causing damage to the motherboard. Overheating occurs from heavy battery consumption. For this reason, high-end games consume heavy battery resulting to overheat.

  • Using incompatible charges, USB can cause damage to the motherboard.

Can an iPhone motherboard be fixed?

Now that you know how to tell if iPhone motherboard is damaged, let’s proceed to if it can be fixed.

Yes, it is possible to repair iPhone dead motherboard. But before you do that, beware of the repairing cost. If the repairing cost is more than the original price or a second-hand price of an iPhone, no need. Better buy a new one than wasting money. Still, choose the repairing center wisely.

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