iPhone Showing Wrong Battery Percentage? Here’s A Fix!

The iPhone battery percentage is very helpful since it allows to manage your iPhone usage and determine when to charge it. In recent times, there has been a bug in iOS that causes the iPhone to show the wrong battery percentage. This is very inconveniencing and that’s why we have created a guide to help you resolve the issue.

The iPhone showing wrong battery percentage issue is caused either by a faulty battery, a battery that has not been calibrated, or a software bug that your iPhone is experiencing if it is not running on the latest iOS software. If you are experiencing this problem, below is a working fix.

How to calibrate the iPhone battery

Calibrating a battery not only increases its lifespan but enables it to display the right percentage.

Follow these steps to calibrate your iPhone’s battery:

  1. Let your iPhone’s battery drain to 0%
  2. Plug in the charger and charge to 100% without removing it from power
  3. Don’t unplug the iPhone for another hour after the battery is full.
  4. Once unplugged, use the phone normally until 0% again.
  5. Recharge the phone to 100% and give it an hour. As long as you don’t unplug the battery during charging, it should be fixed. In case the charging process was interrupted, repeat the process again.

iPhone 5 users have sighted the battery percentage gets stuck at 100 and when they power their devices off, the iPhone battery percentage jumps to the correct percentage but gets stuck again at some percentage. If this is happening to your device, calibrate it too using the methods shown above.

If the iPhone battery drops from 20 to 1 and when you plug it, it goes back to 20 then the battery is faulty and needs replacement. The iPhone 6S battery had some issues with the temperature which was causing the device to turn off. Apple rolled out a program to replace batteries for owners of devices that had this problem. To qualify for the replacement, you need your serial number which can be found at Settings > General > About. Long press serial number then copy to clipboard. Visit this link and enter your serial number to determine if your battery is faulty. All faulty batteries are eligible for a replacement.

Other reasons for battery percentage issues

Other common issues that are known to cause battery faults on the iPhone include storing the device in places under 20 degrees and removing your iPhone from charge before it reaches 100%.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve learnt how to restore your battery’s percentage to proper functioning, ensure to take proper care of your device to prevent the issue from occurring again. You can also check out our tutorials on the iPhone battery for more information on a variety of issues and how they can be fixed.