Best iPhone text tricks that trigger effects in 2023

There are lots of great features on your iPhone. If used correctly, they can make your iPhone experience great. However, to do so, you need to find a way to unlock these text tricks and trigger awesome effects.

You’ll be surprised that some of these tricks require you to enter secret codes first. Most of them have been in existence for a long time.

We have selected a few of the most exciting features you can use to up your texting game.

iMessage special effects

You can include different animations when sending texts via your iPhone. The best part is that the animation can be in a coded form that only you and the recipient know.

To activate this service, you must send your recipient a word that will trigger the desired effect over iMessage. Every word has a different effect, allowing you to explore various options, like a laser light show.

You can even wish your friends a happy birthday using balloons floating from the bottom of their screen or fireworks throughout their screen when you send them a “happy new year” text.

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Siri trick on iMessage

One of the best services that the iPhone provides is Siri, but there are some situations where you cannot speak to Siri. People with disabilities cannot use the voice command option either. Having your “Type to Siri” option turned on is best in such situations.

To enable typing to Siri on your iMessage:

  1. On your iPhone, tap Settings
  2. Go to General for iOS 12 and below (For iOS 13 and up, skip this step)
  3. Next tap Accessibility
  4. Click on Siri
  5. Move the slider to green on the “Type to Siri” option
  6. When you activate Siri, a keyboard will appear, and you can type a command. However, you still have the option of using the microphone.


Words that cause iPhone effects

To unlock and send a special effect, you must use code words. These are the available code words on iPhone and their effects;

  • ‘Happy birthday’ – balloons
  • ‘Pew pew’ – laser light show
  • ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ – red explosion
  • ‘Happy New Year’ – fireworks
  • ‘Congratulations’ – confetti
  • ‘Selamat’ – confetti

If you prefer to avoid the codewords, you can long-press the blue send button after typing your message. A pop-up feature will present you with the following effects;

  • Confetti – Confetti showers down
  • Love – A big heart hangs from your message
  • Eco – the screen becomes full of message bubbles
  • Lasers – Laser light show
  • Celebration – A show containing red fireworks appears with the message
  • Spotlight – Puts your message under a spotlight
  • Fireworks – An explosion of fireworks across the screen
  • Balloons – balloons rise from the bottom of your screen
  • Shooting star – A shooting star travels across the screen

You can tap the top of your screen to preview every effect and examine the collection. To add the effects manually, simply long-press (press and hold) the blue arrow used for sending a message, and a pop-up will appear.

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iPhone message tricks          

You can also customize your display screen using special effects that provide different experiences. Each special effect has a preview that you can view within the Messages app.

The options are;

  1. Slam: This option makes your texts “slam” onto the recipient’s screen
  2. Gentle: The texts appear small, and when the recipient opens it, it returns to standard size.
  3. Loud: This effect increases the size of the texts, and they can return to normal once opened.
  4. Invisible ink: This effect will cause your texts to become blurry until the recipient touches the message.

Cool iMessage tricks

Many cool iPhone text tricks trigger effects when used in texting. One of them is to shake your phone to undo typing. You can use this trick when typing a note, message, or text form.

Here is what you need to do to activate the hack;

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Click on Accessibility
  3. Then touch (only for iOS 13 and above)
  4. In the Interactions menu, select Shake to Undo
  5. Turn On or move the slider

Once you do this, you can shake your phone when you want to get rid of the text, and a pop-up window will appear where you can click Undo.

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