How To Fix iPhone X Cannot Download Apps And Games Issue

Are you facing a problem downloading apps and games on iPhone X? If you are experiencing the iPhone X can’t download apps and games double click issue, then this post will help you fix it.

The iPhone X has managed to loop us off our seats with the sophisticated Face ID technology. With Face ID, you can perform what iPhone 6, iPhone7, or iPhone 8 does with Touch ID. Face ID has become a fundamental part of the iPhone X, and when your iPhone X cannot download apps and games, the issue could be springing from the way you are using Face ID. In this post, I will show you how to download apps and games as well as help you fix any issues that might be preventing you from downloading these apps and games.

Use Face ID The Right Way

When making purchases from the AppStore, you can complete the transaction on your iPhone using Touch ID. On the iPhone X, you will have to use Face ID. However, to prevent you from making accidental purchases, you are required to follow Face ID security with a “Double click”. For most users, the “Double click to install/pay” prompt has had them confused on what exactly to do since a click is different from a double tap. The solution is simple, see where the prompt pops up- right where your power button is. Click on this button twice to complete you purchase.

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App Store is Not Installed

This might seem obvious but some of those who complain that they cannot download apps and games do not have App Store installed on their iPhones. If you do not have App Store installed, toggle it ON in Settings > General > Restrictions.

You Are on Airplane Mode

Airplane mode should be off and you should have a fast Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Ensure your cellular data is sufficient to access and download the app you want.

Apple Pay is Not Working

If Apple Pay is not working, also make sure it is turned ON in your settings. Simply go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Toggle the Double-Click Home Button switch to enable or disable this feature (it’s on by default).

IPhone’s Software Glitch

If you suspect that your phone’s software is the problem, make sure you restart the device. Possible indicators that the software might be corrupt include excessive lags, failing to launch apps, and so on. Try holding down the power button until the apple logo disappears, then powering it up once more. Check to see if the software operates normally.

AppStore Freezing Problem

If it is an app problem, try force-closing it then reopening. To force close the app, access the recent apps menu and swipe it off the list. Then go back to your apps and launch it once more.

Enable Face ID & Passcode Settings

If you fail to locate the “Double Click to Install” prompt, check your Face ID & Passcode settings and turn ON the “iTunes & App Store“.

If you completely cannot download any apps and games, try connecting your iPhone on laptop and after initial sync, multiple screens from your iPhone are displayed on your computer. Simply lift one of the apps you would like downloaded onto one of those screens to successfully download it.

I hope that these methods have enabled you to download and install apps on your iPhone X. If not, be sure to let us know.